Web Firewall

Web Application Firewall or WAF is used in the web development process for protecting an organisation’s web applications by evaluating and filtering the website traffic among individual web application and the internet. A Web Firewall is very useful for protecting web applications from threats such as cross-site-scripting (XSS), cross-site-request forgery (CSRF), SQL injection, and file inclusion.

Web Firewalls are specially used in e-commerce websites, websites with financial transactions feature, or any other web-based product or service. Website owners use Web Firewalls to avoid fraudulent activities and data theft.


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Benefits of Having Web Firewall

Complete Website Security

Web Firewall provides complete protection against hacking attacks and DDoS. It also protects you from the exploitation of buggy codes and web application vulnerabilities.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

The majority of the search engines give preference sites that promote security and privacy. An unsecured website can result in blacklisting.

WebGenie Secure Firewall

WebGenie’s web hosting services provide you with industry-grade firewall protection without compromising the speed of your website. Our firewall is built for ultimate performance and security because it works on the same network that supports our international CDN and web optimisation features. You will always remain a step ahead of the attackers to further secure your website and applications with our web hosting services. We provide incredible visibility into the attacks that might hamper the protection of your website. Our threat detection engine is empowered to provide you with the best accuracy straight out of the box without much configuration.

Automatic Updates

You don’t need to worry about the updates; it automatically updates itself.

DDoS Protection

Use our WAF to ensure industry-level DDoS protection.

Collective Intelligence

Be always prepared to identify new threat to avoid damage.


Avoid threats in advance to protect your reputation.

Comment Spam Protection

Avoid spam commenting on your website.

Security Level Configuration

Determine your own security level to protect your site

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They did a truly remarkable job in setting up my eCommerce store for my fruits business. Kudos to the design team for a beautiful website.

Micheal Jones- Client

I wanted to develop a digital blog for my fashion YouTube channel. They did a fantastic job in making my website appealing to my readers.

Helena Rogers- Client

Having logistics without a website was very hard. Webgenie helped me to develop a very functional and feature-rich website. Thanks for everything Webgenie!

Jack Fernandes- Client

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