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Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol utilised for building an encrypted link among a browser and a web server. This secure link gives users the guarantee that the transmitted data is private. SSL certificates are utilized by millions of websites to provide visitors with a secure browsing experience. The data remains safe from tampering or monitoring by having an SSL certificate.

Different SSL certificates in web development will provide different levels of safety, relying on the level of security features and protection your website requires. However, having any level of SSL certificate will make your visitors recognise your website as safe and secure.


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Benefits of Having an SSL Certificate:

WebGenie believes that every website on the internet should have an SSL certificate because;

Enhanced Performance

Modern SSL certificates can drastically improve your page loading speed. Website speed is very important to retain visitors.

Enhanced Search Engine Visibility

Search engines like Google give more preference to websites with SSL certificates in their search results.

Enhanced Security

By using an SSL certificate, you are able to encrypt your website traffic to avoid any security breach.

Improved Trust

The netizens trust the websites with a green lock in the URL bar, which signifies SSL certification.

Regulatory Compliance

An SSL certificate is very important for PCI compliance.

WebGenie SSL Certification

WebGenie provides industry level SSL certificates and web development services with tons of features for businesses and professionals. WebGenie and your origin server can be easily configured in different ways.

Visual Proof of Security

WebGenie’s web development service develops your website with an SSL certificate and gives visual proof to the users to ensure security. The appearance of the visual proof will vary depending on the type of certification you have chosen.

24/7 Tech Support

Having an IT team ready to resolve your website’s security issues is very important. WebGenie provides you with a dedicated support team to help you with your issues and questions about your SSL certification.

Browser Compatibility

WebGenie’s real web experts provide the best SSL certification that ensures browser compatibility. Our SSL verification keeps the browsing experience trouble-free across all web browsers.

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They did a truly remarkable job in setting up my eCommerce store for my fruits business. Kudos to the design team for a beautiful website.

Micheal Jones- Client

I wanted to develop a digital blog for my fashion YouTube channel. They did a fantastic job in making my website appealing to my readers.

Helena Rogers- Client

Having logistics without a website was very hard. Webgenie helped me to develop a very functional and feature-rich website. Thanks for everything Webgenie!

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