The Ultimate Guide for Data Analytics and Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide For Data Analytics And Digital Marketing
The Ultimate Guide For Data Analytics And Digital Marketing

In these times of accelerated change, online marketing has become a critical aspect for modern marketing experts to drive potential results. Organisations rely extensively on data-driven strategies to make informed decisions and actions to achieve their business goals.
This comprehensive guide will help you learn all about digital marketing and data analytics. Through this guide, we will get to the basics and demystify the complex world of digital marketing and data while providing you with the roadmap you need to outdo your marketing goals. Let’s get started:

Understanding Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

In simple terms, the act of marketing and selling products and services using online marketing tactics like content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and others is known as digital marketing.
With a majority of buyers going digital, having an online presence is absolutely necessary for any seller aiming for profits – regardless of what they sell.
On the other hand, data analytics has a broad scope of fields. However, to explain, it can be defined as the process of examining raw data to find trends and draw conclusions using various techniques to achieve different goals. The process of data analytics includes certain components that are useful in a variety of initiatives. With the right combination of these components, we can draw a successful data analytics initiative to learn where you have been, where you are, and where you should go.

Types of Data Analytics

Big data is everywhere. How you harness this data and leverage it to make actionable business decisions is what will help you stand out in your domain. Here are the four types of analytics we encounter in data science:

Descriptive: What is happening?

Perhaps the most common of all forms, it provides a complete view of key metrics and measures within a business. For instance, an analyst can get a monthly profit & loss statement or data on a large population of customers. Leveraging effective visualisation tools improves the outcomes of descriptive analytics.

Diagnostic: Why is it happening?

Diagnostic analytical tools help analytics to drill down and isolate the root cause of a particular problem in the process. Such analysis is powered by well-designed business information (BI) dashboards showcasing the reading of time-series data and featuring filters along with drill-down capability.

Predictive: What is likely to happen?

This one is all about forecasting. Predictive models utilise a variety of variable data to predict the likelihood of a future event, forecasting a quantifiable amount, estimating a point in time to denote the occurrence of something and the like. The variability of the component data has a definite relationship with what it is likely to predict. These datasets are later combined into a score or prediction.

Diagnostic: Why is it happening?

A prescriptive analysis is not designated for individual actions, rather a host of other actions. It utilises the knowledge of what has already happened, why it happened, and a combination of 'what might happen' analysis to enable the user to determine the best course of action to take.

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