Building Customised Websites

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Building Customised Websites
Definition Of A Custom Website

Definition of a Custom Website

Before knowing the definition of a custom website, it is crucial to understand that the word “custom” only means that something has been modified.
The words “custom” and “customise” can be understood as follows:

  • Custom: When something is done to order for a specific user/customer.
  • Customise: When something is modified to fit in a specific task or suit a specific individual.

Be it a user or a website owner. Both should understand this slight difference, or else a user may define a “custom website” in one way. On the other hand, the website hosting service provider may define it in some other way.

What is a Customised Website Design?

Some web hosting service providers consider that any site that has been modified, including its template, is a custom web design. Whereas some other website hosting service providers consider a heavily modified template built on a platform shows “custom website design”. For them, it should be thoroughly unique. The best web design company is the one that does not use themes, platforms or templates to create your site.

Website Design
Why Do You Need a Custom Website Design?

There are not less than around 2 billion websites already existing in the digital world. It is indeed amazing that the number to increases at a rapid rate from here is also expected. While reading this, there should be a thought in your mind that how come your site will stand out. The competition is undoubtedly higher and tighter for website owners, and it is something you cannot avoid.
If your website is aimed at promoting a business or a service, you must invest in a custom website design service to create a unique identity. Here are the precise reasons you need to know right now:

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