GenieoWeb Moneyback Guarantee

Genieoweb 365 days cancellation policy

Full Peace of Mind Service with prorated money back guarantee. No Gimmick. No Lock of any kind. One Click Cancellation. When you are investing money in GenieoWeb, you are always safe like being protected inside a juggernaut suit. Bullets of scams, forgery, or tricks are never coming at you. When we use the term money back “guarantee”, it is a guarantee. After all, our business doesn’t run with word of mouth, it functions with the strong boundaries of trust and talents of Genies. If you wish to cancel your account, our Genies will surely be sad to see you go and we will surely miss you a lot, no we are not joking, trust us, we will miss you.
Sadly, we cannot let the Genie escape our facility, so you will have to login to your account and click on the cancel button located on the website page under “Websites” menu. As soon as you hit that button, we will place your site on the cancelation mode. One of our Genies will call you to confirm for security reasons to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and you really want to cancel. Don’t worry, we will not ask any questions or try to convince you to stay with us. Once we confirm your identity and validate your intention to cancel, we will immediately cancel your account. You will receive the prorated refund. If you are on a premium plan then we will deduct the domain price of £15.99. You get to keep your domain and you can take it anywhere you like. We will even help you get it out of our network.