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How can I build a website easily?

You just need to select a plan from our site according to your budget and needs. Everything related to web development, designing, and content management is done by GenieoWeb Web experts. If you can’t provide content, you may buy a “Starter Content Pack” by clicking here. You can just relax and stay trouble-free instead of dealing with complicated DIY tools.

How can I use GenieoWeb tools?

After subscribing to a plan from our website, you can use our online user interface called as “Workspace” to add your website requirements. We also provide a smartphone application, which allows you to send requirements via voice commands. Isn’t that simple, yes, we thought that too. This simpliefies the complicted website design process for you.

How can I increase the traffic on my website?

GenieoWeb provides you the latest SEO tools and web experts who can guide you to bring more traffic to your website. Using SEO tools on your own might become confusing if you are a novice, but our web experts can surely provide you proper guidance to achieve effective results. You may want to look at various strategies like video, content, social media, etc. that you can subscribe to in your GenieoWeb workspace.

How to get on the first page in a google search?

Ranking on the first page requires you to use the most relevant keywords and content. Links and meta descriptions are also equally important to gain better ranking in Google search. However, you don’t need to worry much since GenieoWeb experts will be there to optimize your website for better ranking in the search results.

What is special about GenieoWeb Doctor package?

The GenieoWeb doctor packages comes with a “Patient Management System” well integrated with your website. This cloud-based tool makes managing patient appointments and their details super easy.

What is GenieoWeb's e-learning software?

GenieoWeb e-learning is a cloud software that helps you to launch your online courses. It enables you to organize your courses, build certificates & badges, incorporate a grade book and attendence. This is a perfect and affordable option for those who want to build an e-learning website with the best tools and infrastructure. It can also allows students to register with or witout payment and manage their progress like assignments, quizzes, etc.

How GenieoWeb will promote my website?

You can subscribe to various strategies from your “GenieoWeb Workspace” to improve the ranking of your website in various search engines. These strategies will help you get your business in front of your potential customers.

How much GenieoWeb costs to develop a website?

The basic package is only for an investment of £8.99 per month and premium package is at £12.99 per month. However, GenieoWeb offers various specialized packges for various professions like Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Saloon, Restaurant, etc.

Why should one consider GenieoWeb?

GenieoWeb provides you hassle free web related services at one go at affordable prices. It provides you a tailored website with social media managing services, web support, security and many other facilities at lowest prices. And most importantly GenieoWeb offers complete peace of mind with 365 days money back guarantee.

How GenieoWeb is different from other web hosting services?

The majority of the hosting services do not offer fully managed services. They are mainly focused on selling you standalone packges like domain names, web hosting, SSL certiicates, etc. Some of them offer DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tools to design a website by yourself. Now you and me, we both know, not everyone has artistic mindset, color sense, knowledge of human-computer interaction (believe it or not this topic has a PhD level course) etc. Also, not everyone is a good content writer who can write catchy sentences to attract potential customer’s attention. GenieoWeb takes all these complications out and offers you worry free plan. GenieoWeb’s highly trained Genie’s will take care of all the complicated pieces to give you an authoratitive web presence.

How effective is the tech support team of GenieoWeb?

The customer service is the first priority for GenieoWeb. GenieoWeb believes in creating value for your business. All the Genies are highly trained inviduals who will focus on solving problems for your business and making sure you stay ahead in the game. GenieoWeb provides you 24/7 tech and customer support to resolve any issues you may face.

Does GenieoWeb have any cancellation or money back policy?

GenieoWeb provides you complete peace of mind by offering 365 days money-back guarantee. It is a simple one-click cancellation process without any hassle or long waiting. There will be no questions asked, no forms to fillup, and no stress of any kind. Just let the Genie knows and your wish will be granted happily. The only thing to note here is, if you have our premium plan then we deduct $15 as a domain processing charge and you can take your domain with you to another host (if you find their place fancy but our Genies will surely miss you).

What kind of storage space I get with a GenieoWeb hosting plan?

GenieoWeb provides fast unlimited SSD storage for all its users. Thus, storage won’t be an issue when you are investing in GenieoWeb.

Can GenieoWeb build a variety of websites?

Yes, we are into almost all kinds of development and designing. GenieoWeb is flexible, creative and unique just like your business!

Can GenieoWeb build a variety of websites?

Yes, we are into almost all kinds of development and designing. GenieoWeb is flexible, creative and unique just like your business!

Why SEO is important for a website?

SEO(Search engine optimization) helps your website to gain a better ranking in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Good SEO means your website won’t be struggling in the 3rd-4th page of the Google search results. People are more likely to visit the sites present on the first page of the search instead of going to the other pages. GenieoWeb web experts keep this in mind to optimize your website to rank better in the search results and become more relevant.

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