Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs work like the backbone of content delivery on the Internet. As an internet user, you interact with CDNs daily while browsing the web, reading blogs, shopping online, watching videos, or scrolling through social media. They are present in a globally distributed network of servers or PoP (Points of Presence).

A CDN has to replicate the content and store it at the geographical location closest to the user. Using Content Delivery Network is different and more efficient than using the traditional approach of storing the content in a single central server. The user gains access to the nearest server storing the content, making it a faster process without delays.


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Benefits of Having Content Delivery Network

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Improved Loading Times

By storing the content in the proximity of the visitors by using a nearby Content Delivery Network, people can expect drastically faster loading times while they browse the website. Effective use of CDN in web development can even reduce the bounce rates because no one likes to wait in the loading screens. Trust WebGenie’s website hosting service for improved loading times.

Decreases Bandwidth Costs

Bandwidth consumption costs can drastically increase the expense for maintaining a website. CDNs provide caching and other optimisations in web development that can reduce the transfer of data, which decreases the bandwidth costs for the website owners.

Decreasing Failures

Huge website traffic or hardware failure often leads to a slowdown or even unavailability of content. Having distributed server in web development ensure that the website can handle more traffic and avoid getting interrupted in the event of hardware failures.

Enhanced Website Security

A Content Delivery Network in web development helps in enhancing the security of a website by facilitating DDoS mitigation, enhanced security certificates, and various other optimisations.

WebGenie CDN

WebGenie’s website hosting service provides a word-class fast, agile, and secured CDN for your website. Our Content Delivery Network can provide you with an edge above your competitors by caching, reducing bandwidth, and having advanced security measures.

International Connectivity

WebGenie has built an extensive network of servers around the world to cache content for instant availability.

Save Money

WebGenie CDN enables you to reduce the requirement to gather the content from the origin, which saves money.

Highly Customizable

WebGenie website hosting service lets to customise the CDN according to your own preferences. You are given more control to control how your content is being cached.

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