Slide GenieoWeb gives you a fully managed web presence management service with more affordable plans, better support for mobile devices, experts to help in your business decisions, better customisations, and more. There’s no need to worry about managing your website when you have us for the job. Get in Touch GenieoWeb vs WIX
How GenieoWeb Compares with Wix?
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Fully managed service to design your website. You are trouble free.

Expert help to manage your SEO.

Base plan is priced at £8.99 a month.

Better optimisation with mobile devices.

Business experts to help your website.

Fully featured customisation options.

GenieoWeb vs Wix

Complicated DIY tools to design your website.

Lack of proper SEO on your website.

Base plan is priced at £13 a month.

Basic optimisation with mobile.

You are on your own.

Average customisation options.

Benefits Over GenieoWeb
Benefits over Wix

GenieoWeb gives you a fully managed service at a lower price to power the online presence of your business.


GenieoWeb’s base plan is priced at £8.99 a month.


GeneioWeb provides full support for website SEO.

Enhanced Customisation Options

GenieoWeb provides full custom web development.

Website Development genie
Fully Managed Development

There’s no need to work with DIY tools for development.

Mobile Friendly

GenieoWeb develops scalable mobile-friendly websites.

Real Web Experts

Only the real web experts design your website.

Affordable Pricing

GenioWeb’s base plan starts at just £8.99 a month, which gives you tons of features and support to run your business website. In comparison, WIX will charge you £13 for their base plan with fewer features. You get the best out of your investment when you build a website with GenieoWeb. A small investment in a GenioWeb website could bring future prosperity to your business.

Website Development
Fully Managed Web Concierge Services
Fully Managed Development

GenieoWeb takes complete care of the website development and web designing process. Thus, you don’t have to spend your time using those clunky DIY tools to create your website on your own. You can give us commands, and we will serve each and every request within the estimated time window. In comparison, WIX gives you complex DIY tools to build your website on your own.


When you build a website with GenieoWeb, you get complete support to make your new website SEO compatible. These SEO scores are very important to attract new visitors and retain the existing ones. In comparison, WIX won’t be providing you with SEO expert to optimise your website. You are on your own with WIX plans. Our SEO experts will provide you with constant support to uplift your business.

SEO Service
Mobile Friendly Website
Mobile Friendly

Websites developed by GenieoWeb are fully compatible with all mobile devices to provide a uniform experience. Each and every aspect of the website fits perfectly on mobile devices with GenieoWeb. However, WIX provides limited mobile-friendly functionality, and you have to manage them on your own. Therefore, mobile-friendly experience is a must to retain visitors from mobile devices.

Enhanced Customisation Options

GenieoWeb provides complete customisation options to develop and design your website according to your business domain and preferences. Having a uniquely designed website gives you the opportunity to create brand recognition among the consumers. In contrast, WIX will give you DIY tools for customisation, which might not be sufficient for custom web design.

Real Web Expert
Real Web Experts

When it comes to web development, you cannot do much if you don’t have prior experience. Take the advice from real web experts at GenieoWeb, who can help you develop a professional business website to win new customers and explore unexplored markets. In comparison, you won’t get such support with WIX

GenieoWeb Add-On Services

Once you purchase the plan we can offer addon Services

Custom Development

We also offer custom development for the website

Mobile Application Development

We design and develop fluid and intuitive mobile applications

ECommerce Development

We help you to set up an online store for increased business

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing service creates effective campaigns

Online Reputation Management

We use the most innovative methods for your online reputation

Printable Designing

We design amazing logos, flyers, brochures and more