Slide GenioWeb provides lightning-fast hosting with more storage space even in the base plan. Plus, our real web experts can manage your entire website at your command with ease. You never need to take the hassle of building the website on your own.

VS Weebly

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How GenieoWeb Compares with Weebly?
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25 GB of storage space

Complete site backup options

Availability of blog management tools

Free lightning fast hosting

Manage the entire website at your command

Fully managed site migration options

Genieoweb vs weebly

Only 500 MB of storage in the base plan

limited options for backup

limited access to the tools

Costly and slower hosting services

Limited access and options offered

Limited site migration options

Benefits Over GenieoWeb
Fully Managed Web Presence Management

When you purchase a plan from GenieoWeb, you put your web presence on full autopilot mode.


We provide complete backup options to secure your data.

Blogging Tools

We give you access to professional blogging tools.

Fully Managed Migration

GenieoWeb can fully manage your site migration with ease.

Website Development genie
Managed Development

We keep you away from the hassle of web development.

Storage Facilities

We provide you with 5/25 GB of free storage on our plans.

Super-Fast Hosting

We host business websites on super-fast hosting servers.


GenieoWeb enables you to have a complete backup of your website to secure your data. Whereas Weebly only gives you limited backup functionalities to secure your website’s data. Having regular backups is very important to keep your data’s integrity and successful site migration. A growing business cannot afford to lose all the data and build a website once again. It could harm the brand reputation and change the user perception as unreliable.

Website Development
Managed Development

GenieoWeb can help you save a lot of time and effort to develop your business website. We have real web experts who can develop your website with their years of experience and expertise. You will never have to waste your time with time-consuming DIY tools to develop your website. We give huge importance to your time, which could be used to make important business planning instead of web development.

Blogging Tools

Buying a plan from GenieoWeb gives you access to comprehensive content management tools that make it super easy to update the content of your business website. When using Weebly, you will be given only a limited blogging tool. Blogging is content marketing is the most powerful tool to attract traffic and spread brand awareness to the consumers.

Blogging Tools
Storage Facilities
Storage Facilities

GenieoWeb provides you with a storage space of 25 GB with its hosting service. This means you can store huge amounts of data to manage your website effectively. In comparison, Weebly only gives you 500 MB of storage space on its base plan, which might not be adequate for business websites. Creating content-heavy web pages will need you to have adequate storage that GenieoWeb can give.

Fully Managed Migration

GenioWeb understands the importance of migration and provides you with the facility of complete website migration tools. Our super easy migration tools make it easier to buy a new domain and migrate with ease. In comparison, Weebly gives you a very limited site migration option. Migration is very important because it gives you a better backup option.

Migration Options

GenieoWeb Add-On Services

Once you purchase the plan we can offer addon Services

Custom Development

We also offer custom development for the website

Mobile Application Development

We design and develop fluid and intuitive mobile applications

ECommerce Development

We help you to set up an online store for increased business

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing service creates effective campaigns

Online Reputation Management

We use the most innovative methods for your online reputation

Printable Designing

We design amazing logos, flyers, brochures and more