Slide GenieoWeb provides an affordable website at just £8.99 with full web analytics tools, a dedicated team for management, and tons of marketing tools. In comparison, you will be spending more with Squarespace and getting fewer features. We provide you with complete web presence management services.

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How GenieoWeb Compares with Squarespace?
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Fully featured website analytics

Fully managed website development services

Get recommendations for business strategies

Base plans start at £8.99 a month

Get A to Z marketing tools

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No advanced website analytics tools in the base plan

You have to manage your website on your own

No such strategies

Base plan starts a £12 a month

Limited marketing tools for campaigns

Benefits Over SquareSpace
Benefits over Squarespace

GenieoWeb gives you more affordable plans with better overall features and support than Squarespace.

Web Analytics

We give you access to the most advanced web analytics tools


Our experts can provide you with the best strategies

Marketing Tools

We provide you with comprehensive marketing tools

Website Development genie
Fully Managed Web Development

A dedicated team will fully develop your website


GenieoWeb plans start at just £8.99 per month

Better Customisation

We provide amazing customisation options

Web Analytics

GenieoWeb gives you access to a variety of web analytics tools that help you monitor your website and the effectiveness of your campaigns. These tools are useful for making strategic business decisions. In comparison, Squarespace gives you access to basic website analytics tools. This might not help much in making the decisions.

Web Analytics
Fully Managed Web Development

GenieoWeb gives you a dedicated team of real web experts that develops your business website from scratch and maintains it properly. You never need to worry about using clunky DIY tools to develop your website. In contrast, Squarespace gives you DIY tools to develop your website.


GenieoWeb experts are always ready to provide you with crucial advice that helps you make the strategic decision required in launching or maintaining your marketing campaigns. This enables you to expect better profits and increase brand awareness. In comparison, you won’t find such advisory with Squarespace.


GenieoWeb plans start at just £8.99 per month with amazing value. With lower investment, you get more features and complete support to manage your business website. In comparison, Squarespace plans are pricier and have fewer features.

Marketing Tools

GenieoWeb provides you with a plethora of marketing tools to promote your products, services, and business. Our experts can help you develop effective marketing campaigns that attract new potential clients. In contrast, with Squarespace, you have limited marketing tools and have no expert’s assistance.

Marketing Tools
Better Customisation

GenieoWeb gives you better customisation options to fully customise your website according to your business needs and preferences. This helps you create a brand identity in the competitive market and spread brand awareness. In contrast, you have limited customisation options with GenieoWeb and have to manage everything on your own.

GenieoWeb Add-On Services

Once you purchase the plan we can offer addon Services

Custom Development

We also offer custom development for the website

Mobile Application Development

We design and develop fluid and intuitive mobile applications

ECommerce Development

We help you to set up an online store for increased business

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing service creates effective campaigns

Online Reputation Management

We use the most innovative methods for your online reputation

Printable Designing

We design amazing logos, flyers, brochures and more