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Why Do You Need an SSL for Your Website to Have Better Customer Retention?


An SSL certificate known as (secure sockets layer) is a key component in web development. An SSL layer provides an extra layer of security on your website to protect sensitive information of your valuable customers. SSL is the standard security technology utilized for setting up an encoded connection between a web server and a web browser.

This connection ensures that all the data that is sent to the server is secure. Private Info like credit card information passwords and personal information.

Now, we will discuss how you can utilize SSL for your website in order to get better customer retention.

Improve Google Ranking.

In the year 2014 a statement was made by google that in order to make the web a safer place for everyone. Google has decided to display websites that have implemented SSL certificates. This alone will not make a huge benefit in Google’s ranking however. But this technique does give your website a benefit and users will have added peace of mind that their data is in secure hands. So, whenever you are in the process of web development be sure to implement SSL.

Improved Customer Retention.

It is no secret that customers buy from brands they trust. You can utilize SSL as an added layer of security for your customers during web development so that they have a piece of mind when entering their sensitive information. It is no secret that a lot of big named websites are getting hacked nowadays exposing critical user data, therefore customers are hesitant in shopping from online vendors.

Keeps Data Safe.

A website that has SSL certification keeps its user data safe and avoids it from falling in the hand of hackers.

Web Hosting Services that Offer SSL.

In our opinion GenieoWeb is the best option when it comes to security in web development. They utilize in such a way that SSL authentications are used in their websites to move from old unsecure and obsolete HTTP to HTTPS, which is safer. SSL declaration is an information document facilitated in GenieoWeb root server. SSL authentications make SSL/TLS encryption conceivable, and they contain the site’s identity, alongside related data. Devices attempting to bridge a connection with the origin server will reference this record to get the public key and confirm the server identity. The private key however is kept secure by GenieoWeb. GenieoWeb offers all this at a competitive price and gives you a peace of mind had over now to GenieoWeb to see what they have to offer to you.

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