Why Choose GenieoWeb

  • Do you need a website?
  • Do you feel lost from where to start?
  • Do you find building a website is expensive?
  • Do you have no idea what domain name and web hosting is?
  • Do you find yourself stuck using the dashboard of online website service providers?
  • Do you find it difficult to maintain your website?

To offload all your worries GenieoWeb is here. GenieoWeb helps you create a fully managed Taylor made website as unique as your business. We at GenieoWeb will take care of all your needs website building, website hosting, website maintenance, but these are just the tip of an iceberg we have a lot more to offer.

Let’s have look at what’s more:

Low-cost high value


All the services are starting just at Rs 799. No one and we really mean ‘no one’ can beat our pricing worries most importantly quality and quantity. We are the industry experts who know all the ins and out of web science to get the most out of your website.

Genieo Web risk-free


365 days money-back guarantee. There are no contacts, no questions. No fine prints and no forms to fill out simple one-click cancellation. Cancel anytime from the workspace with one click. He doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Website analytics


With this feature, we can help you to focus on identifying measures based on your organizational and user goals and use this data to drive strategy and improve the user experience.With this, we help you to identify key performance indicators to measure success.

Marketing Services


We will take care of all your complete marketing services like:

  • Custom logo making Services
  • List building tools and welcome mail
  • Contact list import
  • Contact management
  • Email subscribe pop-up forms
  • Landing pages
  • Image library for social media marketing
  • Customized social media post images
  • Facebook and Instagram ads set up an optimization
  • Google ads set of and optimization
  • Normal social posting and monitoring.
  • Calendar page
  • Line segment
  • Basic event marketing

We will take care of all your A to Z marketing worries.

Content creation


We will create unique content for your website as unique as your business.We will ensure to keep your website updated with the latest content to enhance your online presence.

Real web experts


Unlimited access to a team of genies specialized in web designing, web development, and project management. You just need to command the genies and your work will be done.

Social media managed services


Leave your social presence to our social genies. You just need to command and all your social media presence would be managed. You just need to relax and see your online presence grow day by day.

Seo optimization


We are back with our best in class sister company BrandSurge. Our SEO Genies will make sure your site is SEO optimized which will help you in rank higher in search engines.

Redundant storage


The web genie is powered by our sister company Beanshost which offers industry-standard reductant storage to keep your site safe.

Live chat software setup


To allow all your users to communicate with you in the language they are comfortable and enabling them with great user experience .

Google lighthouse marketing

Google lighthouse is a tool intended to help web developers to improve the quality of the pages on the site. GenieoWeb websites are incorporated with Google Lighthouse marketing techniques, we can give you a gorgeous website in no time flat and the site optimization heavy lifting things are done for you. It will enhance your Google lighthouse score leading to a higher rank in search engines

Here is a great resource for you to know more about Google lighthouse marketing.

White labeling services


With GenieoWeb you can just click and customize your services. We at GenieoWeb offer segregated services where you can customize your services rather than going for a full-fledged plan. We have something for everyone.

Apart from all these we will take care of your website security , performance, Modern design, easy navigation, faster loading service,21/7 business info, keeping you updated with the quality content, mobile-friendly experience, and the list is never-ending.



I think till now you must have got the answer to your question Why choose GenieoWeb ? With GenieoWeb, see your online presence grow day by day.Hand over all your online presence worries to GenieoWeb and put your business to autopilot mode. Start your new journey to digitization with us today!

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