Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing? Why does it matter?


Inbound marketing

It involves driving prospects to your website so that you can impress & get them interested in your brand. This will increase brand awareness, and they will most probably buy from you when they’re interested in buying. Therefore, inbound marketing focuses more on building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the prospects to grow your brand.

Inbound marketing is applied in the following three ways:

  • Attract: With the help of valuable content, web designing and conversations that establish you as a trustworthy source, you’ll make the right people engage with you.
  • Engage: You will engage with them by providing them insightful solutions that are in line with their pain points and goals, which will make them buy from you.
  • Delight: This involves help, customer care, and services, making your customer’s purchase a success.

When your customer is happy & satisfied with the purchase, they’ll spread the word. This will reign in more customers to the website and help in boosting your company branding

and brand awareness in a self-sustainable manner.

The philosophy behind inbound marketing

Putting it simply out there, “advertisement is irritating & interruptive.” It may be a widely used method to promote products and services, but the bottom line is that the customers have started to ignore these. They’re bombarded with these everywhere, which is why they just tune it out. On top of it, the technology aids them in escaping from these ads via spam filters, ad blockers, etc. They’re tired of big claims made all the time and find them to be false often. Therefore, the customer of today’s time does his/her research first before making their purchase.

Inbound marketing targets these modern buyers by rewarding their time & energy spent in researching with helpful information. It aims to guide them into action depending on where they’re in their buyer’s journey via engaging content and the best web designing. This methodology is based on aligning the interests of the buyer with our content and turning them into customers.

Examples of inbound marketing

Some of the tactics that are there in inbound marketing are blogs, infographics, EBooks, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.


SEO refers to the set of practices that you should follow to appear in search engine results. It makes all the content you create, as blogs, infographics, videos, webinars, etc., reaches the target audience and boosts your presence.

How does inbound marketing help?
Create brand awareness:

All buying circles start with an online search, which makes it crucial that you appear in top searches or are present in the social circles of the buyer. For this, you’re required to have the right content & to message in place to lure in the buyer.

Improve brand preference:

By educating and empowering your customers with information, you’ll be able to build trust and become a familiar face, which makes it most probable that people will buy from you in the end.

Get more leads with less investment:

Inbound marketing is a long-term investment that will build on its own in time as long as you’re providing content that keeps them engaged.

Protection from dependence on one channel:

By engaging with your prospects from various channels such as social media referrals, organic search, etc. – you’re present everywhere & thus reducing your dependence on one channel.


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