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What are some modern website design elements?


The current global pandemic has taken digitisation to another level, forcing businesses to drive digital transformation to thrive in the market. Not just that, it has led people to use websites for everything from grocery shopping to financial transactions to binge watching shows, everything is done online. With a vast number of people relying extensively on the internet for all their needs, it is but obvious for businesses to focus on building an unmatched website design and a strong web development to deliver seamless user experiences to ensure revisits.

But what is effective web design? It is everything from the website’s visual appeal to design elements, favorable SEO optimisation techniques, and others to boost website ranking on search engine results. And although there may be countless design elements, few remain indispensable. Let’s find out must-use design elements required to build a modern-day custom web design:



Let’s face it, if you want your website to get traffic and deliver practical results in today’s time, you need to make it responsive. With the increase in use of mobile devices by people and the ease of access to everything with just a tap on the phone, it is a no brainer for businesses to have a website that is fully responsive and user-friendly.

Clean and bold typography


Modern website design is all about safe, clean, yet bold typography, and minimal design. Having the right font size of the content, a balance of font colors, a subtle font style that is in line with the background hues or images is critical to building a high-impact custom web design for any and every business. In fact, many brands and organisations use typography as an important element of their brand identity.

Vertical Navigation Menu


Navigation menus are one of the most important aspects of a well-architected website design and thus require special attention. Navigation menu is the way through which a user can explore different web pages and elements that the website has in store. And as important as they are, it is tricky to maintain them. You need landscape and portrait adaptability for navigation menus. With a vertical navigation menu, one can easily maintain responsiveness and ensure customers are having an equally good user experience on a small screen as they have on desktop devices.

Call to action buttons


CTA or call to action buttons play a vital role in every website or mobile application. This is primarily because they are the source to conduct an action by the website visitor. If you miss relevant CTA buttons in your website, you are at a potential loss due to reduced conversion rates. So, if your business wants to have a strong online presence that is impactful and meaningful, make sure the CTA buttons on your website are properly placed, easily visible, have no distractions, and instantly catch the attention of the user through its surroundings.

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