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What are Progressive Web Apps?


The world of web apps is an incredible place. Its presence across devices and operating systems, its user-focused security model, and the fact that a single company does not control it – whether its specification or implementation, makes it a unique platform. From building a website with a custom web design to designing apps and web development to app development, we have certainly come far since the beginning of the age of smartphones. Apps are now a part of our daily lives and more and more businesses are focusing on creating their business apps to widen their approach and increase profits. While websites may give you information and offer unique user experiences, their reach is limited. But web applications give you the advantage of reaching anyone, anywhere, and on any device with a single codebase.

What is a Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app or PWA is an application that is built using web technologies that are widely known and loved, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript but with a look and functionality that can beat an actual native app. By making a few smart additions, you can convert almost any website into a progressive web app. Well, this means that you don’t need to spend too much time building an app from scratch. Rather, you can build a PWA quickly and efficiently, which is unlikely in the case of a native app.

So, you can spend a handsome amount of time in the web development and the website design of your website, and then turning that into a web app instead of spending additional hours on the app development for your business. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why PWAs are gaining popularity these days. In fact, leading brands like Twitter, Starbucks, and several others actually have their websites as PWAs, allowing customers to install their sites on their home screens and enjoy a comparable experience to their native apps.

What are the Benefits of PWAs?

The world is chasing behind PWAs for their ability to generate higher engagement. The customers who install your applications are your top fans and are likely to turn up for sales or sign-ups. Thanks to the feature of push notifications, it is far easier for businesses to engage and re-engage with their customers than ever before. PWAs can offer excellent user experiences that work well for brands. Other benefits include:

  • Easy to build with common web technologies
  • Works well across screen sizes and devices
  • Smooth, lightweight, and fast
  • Can work offline, unlike your regular website
  • Discoverable via search engines as well as app stores

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