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Students all over are struggling to carve out a place for themselves. Everybody is in the run for paving their own career, getting that internship, landing that dream job. This includes students and other job-seekers too. However, recruiters are always looking for the best of the best. Recruiters receive hundreds and hundreds of CVs every day. So what is it that sets them apart from one another? Statistically, an average a recruiter spends on looking at a CV is 7 seconds. In this world of competition, a traditional resume or CV is not enough to land a job. The students and the job seekers have to walk that extra mile to make a mark. In the current situation, according to surveys, 100 million jobs are going to be laid off and 4 out of 5 are going to not have a job.

Here comes the concept of resume websites. Sending a website link to the recruiter which contains all the information about the student or job-seeker as well as a platform to contact him/her.

But still, it poses the question that why do the students and the job-seekers need a website for themselves. Read on to find out.


Employment has always been a big issue for students and job-seekers. Getting to find a job and actually landing a job that they like is not as easy as it sounds. Also in the current situation of uncertainty where people are losing their jobs, a potential candidate has to instantly make a mark for himself to secure his position in the job. A traditional CV, cover letter or an e-mail is not good enough anymore. A website for the job-seeker would have all of his/her details that the recruiter would need to see.

Now when the need for a website is already established, the next common question that people face is how to get started with it.


Now there are numerous DIY tools to develop a webpage and numerous freelancers so why choose GenieoWeb for the same work? Let’s find out. GenieoWeb is a team of professionals, who listen to your needs, who understand your motive and create a website just as you want it to be.

So to get started, all you have to do is visit their website that is https://www.genieoweb.co.uk, explain your needs and the GenieoWeb will get to work to craft a perfect website for you.


There are a lot of factors that set GenieoWeb apart from other website developers. The USPs range from the low pricing yet the high value, the risk-free policies, the huge number of services provided as well as the constant maintenance provided by the GenieoWeb. Following listed are a number of ways how GenieoWeb specifically helps students and job-seekers for their career advancement.

  • Personal portfolio

GenieoWeb creates a tailor-made portfolio for its client. This is done by professional experts who know the whys and hows of framing the best portfolios for attracting the recruiter’s attention.

  • Personal video message

Needless to say, videos and other multimedia grabs a greater audience and has a higher impact. And even if a recruiter checks the resume and having second thoughts about the candidate, the personal video message comes to the rescue. GenieoWeb covers all aspects of the job.

  •  Online Resume

Maybe just a resume nowadays does not evoke the best response but a well-crafted resume is important for every job-seeker. GenieoWeb combines the best of both worlds. It includes an online resume on the website of the job-seeker and that is made by experts in terms format, attractiveness, inclusivity etc.

  • Contact me form

Offloading all the worries of its client is one of the topmost priority of GenieoWeb. Hence it creates websites that bring all points of concern under one roof. If a recruiter feels positive about a candidate, the website ensures easy gateway of contact where the recruiter can conveniently contact the job-seeker from the “Contact me Form”

  • Skillset graph

The skills of a candidate are probably one of the most vital points of selection. Most often a lot of candidates get rejected because they do not list their skills in a way that it attracts the eye of the recruiter and gives a clear picture. With GenieoWeb the clients can let go of this worry too. The GenieoWeb curate an analytical skillset graph that clearly represents the skills of the candidate in a visual format.

  • Low-cost High value

Someone reading the above benefits has most likely assumed GenieoWeb to be an expensive service that they cannot afford. Well here is the surprise. A resume website by GenieoWeb is priced as low as Rs 1299. However, that is not an indicator of low quality. GenieoWeb only provides the best and most skilled web experts at your service to solve your real-time problems.

  • Risk-free

Many job-seekers might have second thoughts about the service and what if it does not benefit them. No worries there too. GenieoWeb has a 365-day money-back guarantee if you do not like their services. No forms. No windy roads. You can just cancel the subscription in your workspace.

  • SEO Optimised

GenieoWeb employs the best of all. Hence, the websites are highly SEO optimised by GenieoWeb’s sister company BrandSurge. This ensures your page ranks high in search engines and has a higher reach.

If you have read till here, you already know what you are missing out on if you do not choose GenieoWeb. It is not comparatively better than its competitors, because it is not even in the competition. It is a different league altogether. It is a new world of digitalisation that you are yet to explore.

So students and job-seekers do you still want to ask the question “Why GenieoWeb?” or you want to ask “Why not?”

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