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Web Design Myths That You Should Avoid


A good website design can make or break your impression in front of the user while also delivering a lasting impact on the experience. There is no denying what a well-designed website can do for your business, from increasing organic traffic to converting site visitors into potential customers. As a website owner, missing out on popular trends is possibly the last thing you would want. That being said, there are many common web design myths that seem to stick around for the longest time now! And it only makes sense to be careful about these myths and avoid following them just because they are ‘in’.


But keep in mind that not all website design trends are to be avoided; some of them can actually help you build a custom web design that can take your website to a whole new level! Let’s take a dig at some of the biggest misconceptions and myths about web design that website owners often fall for. Here we go:


Myth #1: More features = Better design

Making a highly functional website is essential. However, making sure that you put quality over quantity is significantly important. The biggest mistake designers tend to make is by adding unnecessary components to the website, which can sometimes be completely pointless from the web design perspective. Hence, you must only add features that are relevant and can help drive better conversions.

Myth #2: Updating Website is Not Important

This is another common myth that floats around in the market. Your job as a web development professional doesn’t end by making your website go live. Since the web designing industry is ever-changing and improving, new trends keep coming up. So, to ensure your website has optimal performance, it is necessary to update and expand your website with new concepts and fresh designs. This should be an ongoing and continuous process for every site owner.

Myth #3: Home Page is the King

No doubt, the home page is the entry to your website, and it’s the first thing a visitor would see on your website, but it is not the place where visitors would sit and stay for a while. It’s absolutely necessary to make sure that the home page does a good job and gives a great first impression to your audience. You must not neglect the sub-pages which contain the actual information – the reason why any user visits your website. So as much as you focus on making your home page optimised, consistent, and rich in design, do not overlook doing the same for the remaining pages on your website.

Myth #4: Responsive Web Design is Not Necessary

More than 50% of a website’s traffic is generated through mobile devices in today’s tech-savvy world. This means the days of desktop-only web design are long gone. On top of that, after Google introduced the ‘mobile-first indexing’ update, your website ranking gets directly affected by how well it is optimised for mobile devices. Thus, having a fully responsive website is a no brainer in modern times. Your website has to work seamlessly across all screen sizes and devices if you really want to get the results.

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