Vitality Of Visual Coherence


Content is a major part of any website or web design. In general terms content generally gives the idea of the written content, for example, blogs, articles or even multimedia content like podcasts. But more often what loses its discussion on importance is the visual content of a webpage. When a person visits a webpage, before he/she takes a look at the published content on that page, what will attract him is the visual content and its coherency.

Good visual content and high coherency does not mean having a lot of elements to display. It also does not mean varied colours and a large number of incorporated tool. Visual coherency of a website implies to a well put together website with all the elements in it that complement each other. This includes the fonts, the colour scheme, the layout used, spacings, etc.

So, in a world where almost 2 billion people have taken their businesses online, how important is visual coherence in a website? In this new era of digitalisation where most operations have come aboard on the internet and having a “high reach” is the new cool, what is the actual significance of visual coherence?


A visual coherent and consistent will not only have a positive impact on the viewer but it also has actual functional benefits. It ensures that all the elements of the web site design work well and in alignment with each other. This includes the sidebars, the navigation bars, the headers, footers, etc. A visually coherent website allows easy toggling and cross-functioning among these elements thereby providing a positive experience.


A website is all about taking your business out open in the digital world for your potential customers/clients/viewers to engage with it. However, if the clients face hassles in working through your web design, the possibility of their positive experience diminishes. Visual coherency makes sure that through an easy interface and hassle-free navigation across all pages provides your viewer with a reason to like it and come back again.


An extremely complexly designed website is most likely to not retain their viewers. However, a website that provides a streamlined design that ensures consistency and coherence will make it very easy to use. Easy to use means that searching for information is easy and specific, the listed information has a logical flow of thoughts, the viewers/clients have an easy reach to Call to Action and the navigation across different pages makes it extremely easy to use.


A business website, for example, can exist for two predominant reasons. Firstly, to retain existing client and secondly to gain new people to visit the website and convert them into leads. The website’s main point of action is to make a first-time-visitor to learn about their business or their product/service offerings. The first-time website visitor has a significantly low retention span, and if the website is visually incoherent, the degree only increases. Whereas an aesthetic and coherent website will help the first time visitor to actually read through the different content and have a better understanding of what that website offers and its value to him/her. If the visitors do not get to learn about the product/service, then there is a high chance that they would not visit again and convert into potential leads.


A visually coherent website not only improves the usability and convenience of the website visitors. It also economises on the cost and design of the web developer. An inconsistent website will most likely have a number of varied designs and layouts. This is not only unnecessary and incoherent but also time and resource consuming. A visually coherent website solves that problem too.

The vitality of visual coherence is established which is multi-dimensional. Creating a visually coherent website might not be rocket science but it is also not the easiest job out there.


DIY tools do not ensure the most consistent web design. So what you need for a visually coherent website is an extremely professional and skilled web developer who will design your website in a way that is easy to use, visually coherent and with a professional layout.

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The Internet is full of a million websites and another couple of website visitors. Even then only a few numbers of websites make a mark on its visitors for it to thrive. Be in that clan.

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