Video Marketing Checklist 2020!


Creating quality content for video marketing is not an easy job anymore. Especially in the age when people have a very limited attention span, it is quite hard to understand the nature of your audience and their problems. In 2020, you will need some powerful video content strategies to do content marketing for your professional website.

Video Marketing


You cannot be in doubt whether to use video marketing in 2020 because every business requires video content to market their products and services to keep their audience engaged. It is one of the most effective forms of content creation and marketing if done in the right way.

Here are 7 effective strategies that you must check to develop quality content in 2020:


Using Video Marketing Insights for customizing your content When you understand your audience, you can easily develop personalized quality content. This new content will be better optimized for conversation and engagement. You will need to divide your audience based on various demographics such as gender, age, and job titles. However, you should also:

  • Try to speak to your audience in an appropriate tone
  • Make your motives clear in your videos

Do video content marketing or prepare a series


People often don’t like or skip ads when they are watching something on video streaming sites. They want real value from quality content, which could help learn something new. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of streaming platforms in order to keep your audience engaged for a long time. You can make an informative or entertaining series about any topic that gives value to your audience.

Discover the most engaging topic for your industry


Being relevant in your videos is very important to build interest among the viewers. The topic should be engaging and related to your industry of expertise. You just need to find the right trending topics related to your business. Posting irrelevant content will increase your bounce rates and affect your content marketing.

Create interactive content for video marketing


Creating ordinary videos has become a thing of the past. How will you ensure the participation and attention of your audience on your normal videos? You need to make interactive content to create interest and attraction. You should start using interesting features like;

  • Opinion polls and quizzes
  • 360-degree interactive videos
  • Input form to generate leads
  • Calling cards to lead to other videos or web pages
Instead of using all of the above features to make your interactive videos, you can choose a format that fits the overall vision and goals of your business. This can be done by studying video marketing analytics to understand the audience.

Use user-generated content in your videos


It is not always possible to have sufficient content to post on a regular basis. For this reason, even the leading brands are also using user-generated content for initiating UGC campaigns. Such content is perceived to be more influential than brand-generated content. However, you will need to prepare some CTA and guidelines, so that your audience will know what you are expecting from them. The following brands are using UGC campaigns to promote their products;

  • Adobe
  • Coca Cola
  • Starbucks
  • And more!

Make your videos easily accessible


Accessibility is an important factor in content creation for video marketing. Like I have said before that people have a very limited attention span. You need to make sure that everyone watching your videos get the point and understands your content within a few seconds. For instance; the majority of the people watching videos on Facebook or Instagram have muted their volume. You need to include subtitles with attractive fonts and colors to explain everything in the video. Google’s AI bots are also able to scan content on your videos. Thus, it is important to add subtitles and tags to your video to gain better rankings for SEO.

Final Words


2020 saw a massive spike in digital marketing because of lockdowns due to COVID-19. People are engaging more over the internet than ever before. This is the perfect time to improve your video marketing strategies and learn about your audience. Being more relevant is the key to create quality content and master content marketing.

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