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Types of digital advertising used for promoting business


People are shifting towards online mediums, and so are the businesses and their advertising strategies. There are a number of ways that you can use to promote your business, but investing in digital advertising and company branding can also help in increasing your website traffic, create brand awareness and boost your sales.

There are options available for businesses big and small alike, which can appeal to and attract customers. Therefore, to scheme and employ a good marketing strategy, you should be aware of your options.

Following are the most popular types of digital advertisements:

Search engine advertisements

When talking about online presence, everyone knows the value of the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines. In order to get on the first page, businesses must employ SEO practices and custom web design services that take a lot of time and effort and technical knowledge to achieve. Another way to get there is via search engine advertisements. Also called Search engine marketing (SEM), paid search advertising or pay per click advertising (PPC).

In this, you’re required to bid for keywords so that whenever that particular keyword is put in the search box, your advertisement will show on the search engine result page.

Display/Banner Advertisements

In-display ads, your advertisements show up on pages across the web, and these ads have links to specific pages on your website.

You can also choose which pages your ads should appear – web pages linked to your business or on the basis of location or demography, and a banner of your ad will be displayed on these websites. It can be on the top, bottom, sides or in the middle of the content that helps upgrade the company branding process.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertisements

Facebook has about a billion active users, which gives you a platform to reach your target audience. It also provides unique targeting options and multiple ad placement options. Moreover, Facebook ads appear on Instagram as well. To start with your Facebook ad campaign, you’re required to select your objective from the list provided by Facebook, choose your budget and your target audience.

Although Instagram is a part of Facebook, it is worth mentioning that Instagram ads bring in results as it targets an already engaged audience. Therefore, it mostly happens that you’ll be able to entice your audience to visit your page and website and engage with you in whichever way you advertise- story, image, reel or video.

LinkedIn is comparatively expensive than the other two, but it makes up for that by exposing you to the professionals in certain industries who you can target.

YouTube advertising

YouTube is a platform where more than 500 million hours of videos are watched every day. Therefore, there is huge public engagement on this platform, and it can be used to create and increase your brand awareness about your business. YouTube provides you with various options to place your ads on the platform. You can also employ advanced targeting options to help you decide on a YouTube advertising strategy.

Retargeting advertisements

Retargeting is also referred to as remarketing and for the right reasons. In retargeting ads, you hit the prospect with a display ad or an ad on Facebook or Instagram that has shown any interest in your business. You’re trying to court a user who has either liked your Facebook page or visited your website, etc.


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