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“A traveller sees what he sees, but the tourist sees what he has come to see”. There is a certain thrill and excitement that comes with traveling to new places. In simple words, the tourism industry is the total of all businesses that provides goods or services to ease business, pleasure and other activities away from the home environment.

In this blog, we will give you a brief outline of tourism and its need for a website. The topics that we are going to have a look on are:

  • Why do you need to start a tourism website?
  • Current problems a Tourism Industry faces.
  • What will you do with your online website?
  • Outspread your business globally.
  • How to set about with a tourism website?

Let’s get down to each topic in details:

1. Why do you need to start a tourism website?


To make prospective tourists thrilled to travel to the destination, your tourism website needs to initiate with a plan ,a map or a blueprint of what and how you’re going to promote what you have to offer, training them in tourism and managing all this without any hassle. Just like your tourist region, your tourism website needs to make users fall in love with it so they’ll keep coming back.

2. Current problems a Tourism Industry faces

  • Bad effects of Covid: Due to the coronavirus situation these days, people are reluctant to go out unnecessarily and compromise their safety. It has had a greater effect on tourism and travel behaviour than any disease outbreak in living memory.
  • Adverse effects on domestic and international tourism: The disease’s global reach and the controls in the form of lockdown or quarantine, reduced mobility and isolation have had a dramatic effect on international and domestic tourism alike along with a range of sector specific knocks, including transport, travel and booking agencies, hospitality, restaurants etc.,
  • Lack of clients and poor strategies: Deficiency of clients has led to major losses in local tourism business and also due to inadequate sales strategies, people aren’t achieving any profits in their business.
  • No platforms to showcase their schemes: People who don’t have a website have no platforms of displaying their plans and ideas of travelling and tourism anymore. Instagram and Facebook can help in posting but are only generating likes and not revenue for their business, and one needs a bigger platform to display their travelling strategies etc.,

3. What will you do with your online website?

  • It would be a great strategy and plus point if people could get travelling options online and they can plan their holidays prior.
  • People could travel the world online. Using your website, you could create videos of the places you’ve been and can upload them on your website which could help you in generating a source of income and revenue till the Covid situation gets normal and people could have an experience about tourism.
  • Allows both the tourists and the local community a chance to experience other cultures, which broadens understanding.
  • Strong network of people is required for a website and no better network than a global network linked by his self- owned website
  • Live videos describing tourism can engage a large amount of audience and increase the connectivity.
  • Showcase your plans about travelling and blogs about insights of places you’ve visited online regularly and with an ease.

4. Outspread your business globally


Making your work go viral in a nutshell:

  • Improvise the Advertising.
  • Saving money on printing costs(for example-brochures) and distribution costs.
  • Easy access to new audiences and clients and spreading your network.
  • Easy to use a website or a mobile optimised app and sell your work wherever you go.
  • Improvising Productivity.
  • Proving knowledge and educating clients globally.
  • Expanding travelling plans and ideas.
  • Extending your local reach to global.

We’ve got a brief idea of what tourism is, the problems they face in their profession currently and the benefits of developing a website. A tourism industry needs a website to showcase all their plans and strategies, getting themselves a global reach to get new clients and an E-commerce site to earn some revenue. One needs a website that has all the right requirements for the creation of a website in a desired manner, without any hassle. For that matter, we need website developers who have the knowledge of developing a website as per their requirements of the profession keeping all the primary and secondary factors of the profession in mind and then can inherit all these features in the website.

5. How to initiate with a tourism website?


GenieoWeb will guide you to develop a unique website that is shaped as per your requirements or as per the demands of the tourism industry. We use all the tools required for the creation of a website and also inherit the technical knowledge required for creation of a website that an artist can lack in and give a better and desired outlook. Web Genie will provide you with a complete direction in the online world. To have a look at the sample website of tourism, click here

These are some of the key features of Web Genie:

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  • Managing your web presence so you can focus fully on your business.

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Till now you must have got acknowledgement to all the topics covered:

  • Why do you need to start a tourism website?
  • Current problems a Tourism Industry faces.
  • What will you do with your online website?
  • Outspread your business globally.
  • How to set about with a tourism website?

Now it’s your seesaw to act sagacious and avail this mind blowing opportunity.

Start with your Online Website creation today itself, Bon Voyage!!

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