Subdomain or Subdirectory Which One is Better for a Business Website

Subdomain or Subdirectory: Which One is Better for a Business Website?


In an increasingly connected world, a business website is essential for your company’s success and even more so if you are planning to use inbound marketing to drive traffic on your site organically. A website also helps create brand awareness of your business among your target audience. In this effect, it becomes crucial to brainstorm while deciding the architecture of your website. As an experienced website design company, we have prepared this blog to help you figure which one is the best suited for your website between Subdomain or Subdirectory.

Differences Between Subdomain and Subdirectory

A subdomain is a URL that essentially allows a user to create multiple websites on a single domain. Subdomains are popularly used for testing new plugins, staging versions of a website, and integrations. They are also used to create e-commerce websites and hosting mobile sites. Apart from the aforesaid uses, Subdomains optimise website content on larger sites and improve SEO rankings when used correctly.

On the other hand, Subdirectories are URLs that organise subsets of content in separate folders. These are widely used to optimise the existing websites, improve traffic to your primary domain, host content in a manner so that it is easy to manage and optimise analytics by keeping data on one domain instead of multiple domains, which could make data analysis more difficult.

Which is Better for a Business Website?

While choosing one for your website design, it is important to note that Google treats both subdomains and subdirectories as the same when it comes to SEO traffic. However, as a website design company, we beg to differ. Subdomains are perfect for a multi-operational business with multiple operational areas, and each subdomain drives adequate traffic for each site. But if you are looking to develop a narrow niche for your business, then subdirectories will be the best option for you. They will enhance your overall SEO traffic to the primary domain and fulfil brand awareness and lead generational goals. A subdirectory will allow you to organise your content and simplify website management while enhancing your SEO rankings.


If you are a new or small business looking to improve your SEO, you must choose a subdirectory or subdomain. The subdirectory will strengthen the authority of the main domain. It concentrates all your keywords on one domain. The goal of any business website is to increase its visibility in the target market. And for this, it requires better engagement which is only possible through better search rankings. Hence, it is understood that the subdirectory approach is the right one to boost your business online.

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