Social Media Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn


LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most effective tools for online marketing. Especially, for B2B marketers, LinkedIn can be an excellent lead generator. It is certainly a powerful social media platform for connecting businesses with professionals and other businesses. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a serious

platform for building a career, sharing, and networking. This platform strictly restricts itself to professional conversation and engagement, which means you can do some serious business. In this blog, we are going to explore the social media marketing strategy that you could do with LinkedIn:

Why LinkedIn Marketing Matters?


There are over 660 million LinkedIn users around the world! LinkedIn is all about building new connections and networking for lead generation, brand building, and creating business relationships and collaborations. It could be the perfect platform for businesses to reach the right target audience and drive traffic to their Website. This platform has become an important component of every successful digital marketer. You can access a high-quality network with authentic connections, and build a brand with just word of mouth. Plus, you will also get very sophisticated analytics features with LinkedIn.

It is the most important social media platform for professionals. Over the years, people used to promote themselves and share their personal skills, resumes, certifications, and experience. However, marketers have realized it’s importance as a great tool for marketing mainly due to its professional audience.

Here are some online marketing strategies that you can implement in LinkedIn

  • Start a LinkedIn Company Page: A company page on LinkedIn will give a distinct advantage when it comes to posting, sharing, or commenting on any content. This gives us business owners the opportunity to promote their business as a separate entity apart from their personal profile. Creating a company profile is free and doesn’t require much expertise. You just need to make sure that you have the right appropriate pictures to set up your account. Plus, descriptions about your business are also important.
  • Start LinkedIn Ads to Direct Traffic to your Website: In the early days of LinkedIn, we used to get a very weak ads platform. However, they have improved a lot in recent years. With their new Matched Audiences Tool, you can effectively retarget website visitors. LinkedIn offers you better prospects especially when it comes to B2B marketing. When using LinkedIn, you are able to add email contacts to target with ads or upload existing accounts. This makes advertising so easy and effective with LinkedIn. You always know about the audience who you’re advertising to.
  • Focus on Quality Content to Engage People: Your audience on LinkedIn likes to read engaging content on a regular basis. This means you need to be open to develop different types of content to bring variation.
  • Visuals: It is true that LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, but at the end of the day it serves the people to connect with each other. Thus, you will need to create a powerful dissemination of visual content to attract more people. This could be done by creating quality graphs, infographics, charts, and diagrams. Remember, you need to provide some informative content to impress your audience on LinkedIn.
  • Videos: You can also share videos on LinkedIn as a part of your marketing strategy. You can either start a live stream or post video content on your page. Just try to create informative videos to help your audience learn something new.
  • Text content: You can either write or share posts from your website to your audience on LinkedIn. This should be an integral part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. The topics should be relevant to your domain of business and must have the right sets of keywords for SEO.
  • Share Free Resources: People like to download informative resources form the web. Providing free Docs or PDFs would be great for marketing and customer retention. You can provide e-books, guides, research papers, and digital magazines for your LinkedIn page. People would love to read such documents in their free time.
  • Create a B2B Group: It is the best way to meet and connect with likeminded people and businesses. This strategy is also used in other social media networks like Facebook. By having a B2B group, people could initiative or join discussions and become more engaged with your business. You will be able to engage people in active conversations and share good ideas.
  • Get Recommendations: They are really important to promote individual talent or business. For businesses, they work like testimonials of happy customers. This should be your long-term goal when you are thinking about online marketing with LinkedIn. These recommendations help businesses to improve their reputation in the market.
  • Give Importance to Keywords in Skill Set: The skills section is usually very helpful for individuals for building their career profiles. However, businesses can also take the opportunity to define their business with these skill sets. Write down the skills that would value your customers and their needs. This makes your page a lot more discoverable.

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