Reasons Why Your Website Traffic and Rankings Might Be Struggling

Reasons Why Your Website Traffic and Rankings Might Be Struggling

Ranking your website on Google is not an easy task, but it is also not a herculean venture that can’t be achieved. Ranking your website and getting more and more web traffic is crucial to improve brand awareness as well as drive sales. It requires dedicated digital marketing service and concentrated SEO efforts. A drop in the ranking of the site directly affects the traffic that you get on the website. This drop can happen due to many reasons. Let’s look at some of the key reasons why your website traffic and rankings might be struggling.

Duplicate Content on the Site

Duplicate content has historically been one of the culprits of pulling down a website ranking. Having duplicate content will split the SEO results between the original page and the duplicate page that has been unintentionally created. This will result in an average ranking of both the pages and hurt your pocketbook. As a digital marketing service provider, we understand the value of ranking one page exceptionally than pushing out two pages with similar content and suffering the brunt of low web traffic.

Not Using Google My Business

If you have not registered with Google My Business, you will potentially lose some serious ranking points. Listing your business here will significantly improve your SEO as Google uses the quickest and easiest way to deliver the results, and Google My Business helps with that. It will also help drive up your brand awareness on the internet.

Website Uses HTTP instead of HTTPS

An unsecured website also results in a drop in the Google rankings. In 2014, Google made it clear that HTTPS would work as a small ranking signal for its search engine algorithm. Google alerts its users before entering an unsecured site, and that is why an HTTP site experiences less traffic. To fix this, we recommend getting an SSL certificate.

Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Today, users use a host of devices to browse the internet, and more specifically, the maximum search on Google comes from mobile devices. Hence your website must cater to all the screen sizes. The importance of having a good mobile-friendly website can be understood from the fact that Google moved to Mobile-First Indexing. It means that Google will now look at the mobile site first rather than the desktop version. It is also crucial for building brand awareness as more people can access your mobile site.

How Will GenieoWeb Help?

At GenieoWeb, we offer a tech-enabled digital marketing service that generates revenue and helps you with improving brand awareness to help in the long run. We help you fix common ranking mistakes and also enhance your existing web infrastructure to generate decent traffic on your website. Our expert digital marketing service focuses on vital metrics like web traffic, SEO rankings, lead generation, and revenue generation.

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