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Real Estate is an everlasting asset,ever increasing in value. It’s the most strong security that human originality has come up with. Every wise young man today prefers investing his or her money in real estate. It is a fact that almost 90% of all millionaires become so through possessing real estate.

In this blog, we will give you a brief outlook to real estate and its need for a website. The topics that we are going to have a glance on are:

  • Why do you need to start a real estate website?
  • Current issues faced by Real Estate Industry
  • What will you do with your online e-commerce website?
  • Benefits of your online website
  • How to set about with a real estate website?

Let’s get through these topics in details:

1. Why do you need to start a real estate website?


Building a strong Web presence helps in:

  • Generating more leads for your business.
  • Providing more subjection to your properties.
  • Telling them more about you and building trust in them.
  • Explaining them about Your Business in a better manner by creating blogs and displaying blueprints of properties online.
  • Creating a Brand promotion for your Business builds your reputation.
  • Exchange of Information becomes easier.

2. Current issues faced by Real Estate Industry

  • Adverse effects of Covid and Lack of clients: Due to the pandemic situation these days, people are reluctant to go out unnecessarily and compromise their safety.The disease’s global reach and the controls in the form of lockdown or quarantine, reduced mobility and most people are isolated at their homes It has had a greater impact on real estate industry and clients have stopped visiting the real estate sellers in their offices.
  • Volatile markets and poor marketing strategies: Deficiency of clients has led to major losses in real estate business, and also due to inadequate sales strategies, people aren’t achieving any profits in their business.
  • Uncontrollable advertising expenses: Expenses on advertisements such as brochures, newspapers,etc are uncontrollable and takes away a lot of money, time and energy returning no strong revenues later.
  • No platforms to showcase the schemes: People who don’t have a website have no platforms of displaying their strategies and blueprints of their business anymore. Instagram and Facebook can help in posting but are only generating likes and not revenue for their business, and one needs a bigger platform to display their marketing ideas or plans.

3. What will you do with your online e-commerce website?


It would be a great strategy and plus point if people could get a platform to display the outline of all the properties for rent or purchase on the website with your own domain name.

  • Video coherence: Using your website, you could create and upload the videos of the places you’ve been selling which could help you in generating a source of income and revenue till the Covid situation gets normal and people could have a detailed overview about the property.
  • User friendly experience: Allows both the businessmen and the local community a chance to experience a 3D outlook of all the flats,buildings,shops,etc, which broadens understanding of the real estate and its rates.
  • Strong network of people: A Strong network of people is required for a website and no better network than a global network linked by his self- owned website.
  • Live videos sessions for market rates : Describing the market rates of real estate can engage a large amount of audience and increase the connectivity.
  • Display of your plans online Showcase: your plans about as to what factors and legal documents one must have an idea about of the property they’re planning to invest in can help you build trust for your own online business and help you achieve more clients anytime and from anywhere regularly and with an ease.

4. Benefits of your online website


Making your work go viral in a nutshell:

  • Improvising Advertising.
  • Saving money on printing costs(for example-brochures) and distribution costs.
  • Facile access to new audiences and clients and spreading your network.
  • Easy to use a website or a mobile optimised app and sell your real estate wherever you go.
  • Improvising Productivity.
  • Proving knowledge and educating clients globally.
  • Explaining the blueprints of the real estate in detail.
  • Extending your local reach to global

We’ve got a brief of what real estate is, the problems they face in their profession currently and the benefits of developing a website. Real estate industry needs a website to showcase all their blueprints and online marketing strategies, getting themselves a global reach to get new clients and an E-commerce site to earn some revenue.

One needs a website that has all the right requirements for the creation of a website in a desired manner, without any hassle. Giving rise to enough traffic and leads is the most vital thing to be done for your website, according to the 2019 survey more than 35% of marketers face challenges related to leads and/or traffic, showing that this trend still continues, To resolve your problems and take away your all worries, Wen Genie is at your rescue.

5. How to set about with a Real Estate website?


GenieoWeb will guide you to develop a unique website that is constructed as per your requirements or as per the demands of the real estate industry keeping all the present scenarios in their minds. We use all the tools required for the creation and handling of a website and also inherit the technical knowledge required for creation of a website that one might lack in, and give a better and desired outlook. Web Genie will provide you with a complete direction in the online world.

These are some of the key features of genieoweb:

  • Featured plan starting at only ₹799
  • Unlimited access to a team of genies specialized in web designing, web development, and web management of projects
  • Web security genies are well trained to keep your website safe
  • Create unlimited pages at your command
  • Managing your web presence so you can focus fully on your business

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Till now you must have got cognizance to all the topics covered:

  • Why do you need to start a real estate website?
  • Current issues faced by Real Estate Industry
  • What will you do with your online e-commerce website?
  • Benefits of your online website
  • How to set about with a real estate website?

Not it’s your seesaw to act sagacious and avail this mind blowing opportunity

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