Quick Website Changes You Can Make to Attract More Customers

Quick Website Changes You Can Make to Attract More Customers


When was the last time you sat down and evaluated how your website helps you attract customers? Getting new clients from your website shouldn’t be a hard task if you follow these tips. The first step in promoting your website is getting people to visit it. A website’s traffic is the number of people who see it. You can engage more customers on your website with some changes, which will eventually increase your sales.

Do you have new clients coming from your website? You’re at the right place if you want more people to visit your website. You can utilize the tips listed below to turn your website into a client attraction tool. By implementing all of them, you will increase your chances of converting visitors to clients. Keep reading to learn about quick changes you can make to your website to attract more customers.

Quick Website Changes You Can Make to Attract More Customers
Clear & Visible Call to Action

Make sure you clearly define your call to action on your home page, the one thing you want consumers to do. It must be visible without scrolling, meaning that it is displayed above the fold. You should not include it on every page of your website.

You must be clear about one specific action you wish people to take. Do you want them to sign up for your ezine, contact you directly, or send you an email? Ensure it is simple for your customers to choose one.

Offer Something Valuable

It’s good to give away something of value for free. For example, you can offer a report, audio, or consultation to your customers for signing up on your website. Create a giveaway if you don’t already have one. To save your precious time, this process should be automated.

Allow Your Customers to See You

It is a good idea to include a photo of yourself on your website so that visitors will know who you are. Humans like to feel connected to one another, and a photo is one way of achieving that.

It is possible to use images of yourself on various pages of your website. Make sure the photographs match your brand and personality. It will eventually lead to increased customer loyalty and trust. This will help to increase brand awareness through your website.
Provide a Good User Experience

Confusion will drive away customers instead of enticing them. It’s wise to design your business website so that it has a simple, intuitive navigation. You should make your website design so that it loads quickly on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

For those who need to make changes and aren’t sure where to start, you can utilize our web tools and report how your website is doing. Your team will see what works well and what should be improved.
Stay Connected by Creating a System

You’re going to lose most of your visitors if they don’t return. Their busy schedules have nothing to do with you or what you do; they just aren’t interested in you. As a result, you should ask them for permission to contact them.

Your free offer can be linked to this. You only need to ask for the person’s email address to receive the free offer in an automated process. You need to let your subscribers know if you will send them additional messages (like a regular ezine)
Ensure Your Website is Mobile-friendly

If your website is challenging to navigate on mobile devices, visitors will not stay on it for long. Because half of global website traffic occurs on mobile devices, it means a lot of lost opportunities.

Therefore, responsive websites are crucial. Users on their smartphones will not even attempt a WordPress website designed for desktop users. When a competitor’s mobile-friendly site is available in the search results, you know that people will not waste any time on clunky, slow sites. Having a website for your brand in such a digital-driven era, it is crucial to make the website compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. As a result, you’ll generate more leads.
Add Social Sharing Buttons

Linking your business’s social media accounts on your website can attract social followers. If they “like” or “share” your social media content, their friends and family will see your business name, exposing you to entirely new markets. You can easily create buttons on your website using different tools and links to your website.

Update Your Website Regularly

A website with numerous error messages, “coming soon” pages, or an old blog may indicate that your company is struggling. Your customers will think you don’t care about your website and thus assume you don’t care about their needs.

Make sure your website is updated and free of broken links. Add new content as needed. Ensure that broken links are redirected to relevant sections of your website. If the customer is directed to a page they weren’t searching for, they will have a poor user experience. Stay connected to a web development company to keep your website up to date and error-free.
Enable Guest-blogging on Your Site

Guest blogging involves both sides. In addition to writing on other blogs, invite people in your niche to write on your own. Your guest article is likely to be shared and linked to, bringing new readers to your site. Be sure only to post high-quality content and avoid spammy links – Google punishes low-quality guest blogging.


Brands need to meet the expectations of consumers nowadays. It also includes a personalized shopping experience, access to even more products, and continuous engagement. Using these easy-to-follow tips, you can create a website that both you and your customers love.

Make sure you review your website on an ongoing basis so your content remains fresh and your site performs well. You can implement these quick website changes to attract more customers. The color of your ‘CTA’ buttons to your written content’s style, structure, and format can all be easily changed to get more visitors. Even though these changes might seem straightforward in principle, they can significantly impact your website traffic.  

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