(Painting your own reality on a canvas)

Art is often considered the process or of painting or sketching your imagination in a way that it arranges elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. It is an expression of the artist’s self, so it’s understandable why people hesitate to call themselves artists. An artist is the one who designs art. A person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art, So, an artist who paints pictures is a painter. When craft, imagination and skills work hand in hand, that creates a masterpiece worth watching.

In this blog, we will provide you a brief outlook to an artist and his need for a website. The topics that we are going to have a look on are:

  1. Need of a website for a Painter
  2. Current problems a Painter suffers
  3. Benefits of creating a website
  4. Amplifying your work globally
  5. How to begin with website development?

Let’s start discussing each topic in details:

1. Need of a website for a Painter

Due to the coronavirus situation these days, people are reluctant to go out unnecessarily and compromise their safety. Many people have become jobless and according to statistics, 40% people can lose their job in next five years and also, getting a job isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It would be a great strategy and plus point if people could get their creativity online and put a step ahead towards the digital world from your website.

2. Current problems a Painter suffers

Many issues are faced by those who have been in the artistic industry for a long duration and those too who have just joined, some of them are listed below:

  • Pessimistic attitude, Some people ponder upon the fact their art is not superior enough.
  • Deficiency of proper sales strategies.
  • Not having the knowledge as to how to leverage.
  • Inaccurate target audiences.
  • Omission to market yourself online due to no technical or marketing knowledge
  • Lack of support and guidance.
  • Not enough clients to sell their artworks.
  • No platform for their art display or craft classes.
  • Innovative and new designs, artworks remain unsold
  • Failing to use it leads to one missing a lot of preferences. If you are using it and not getting the desired outcome, ask yourself if you are correctly doing it. Posting your artwork regularly on the social media platforms is highly recommended. This will bring awesome results.
  • Instagram and Facebook posts are only generating likes and not revenue, and one needs a bigger platform to sell their products.
  • Family members and friends fail to support artists. This is because they do not understand how you can earn a living from art.

3. Benefits of creating a website

  • Sense of professionalism.
  • When an artist makes up his mind to sell his artworks, they make up their mind to initiate with a business and businesses need a great website to be taken seriously.
  • Strong network of people is required for an artist and no better network than a global network linked by his self- owned website.
  • Live classes of his artworks can engage a large amount of audience and increase the connectivity.
  • Showcase their artwork and create workshops and online classes regularly and with an ease.
  • Building your reputation.
  • Your own internet identity.
  • Extend your local reach.
  • Great Tool for Finding New Employees.

4. Amplifying your work globally

Making your work go viral in a nutshell:

  • Improvise the Advertising
  • Saving money on printing costs(for example-brochures) and distribution costs
  • Facile access to new audiences and clients.
  • Easy to use a website or a mobile optimised app and sell your work wherever you go
  • Improvising Productivity
  • Proving knowledge and educating clients globally
  • Expanding your network
  • Extending your local reach to global

We’ve got a brief insight of what painters are, the problems they suffer in their profession and the advantages of developing a website. A painter needs a website to showcase all the artworks, global reach to get new clients and an E-commerce site to sell their work online. One needs a website that has all the right tools required for the creation of a website in a desired manner, without any hassle. For that matter, we need website developers who have the knowledge of developing a website as per their requirements of the profession keeping all the primary and secondary factors of the profession in mind and then can inherit all these features in the website.

5. How to start a website?

GenieoWeb will guide to develop an exquisite handcrafted website that is moulded as per your requirements and your profession. We use all the tools required for the creation of a website and also inherit the technical knowledge required for creation of a website that an artist can lack in and give a better and desired outlook. Web Genie will provide you with a complete direction in the online world.

These are some of the principal features of Web Genie:

  1. Featured plan starting at only ₹799.
  2. Unlimited access to a team of genies specialized in web designing, web development, and project management.
  3. Web security genies are well trained to keep your website safe.
  4. Create unlimited pages at your command.
  5. Managing your web presence so you can focus fully on your business.

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Till now you must have got acknowledgement to all the topics covered:

  1. Need of a website for a Painter
  2. Current problems a Painter suffers
  3. Benefits of creating a website
  4. Amplifying your work globally
  5. How to begin with website development?

Now it’s your seesaw to act sagacious and avail this brilliant opportunity!

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