Online teaching website the need of 2020


The covid 19 has resulted in educational institutions shut all across the world. Globally 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As education has changed with the rise of e-learning ,teaching is undertaken on digital platforms. Researchers claim that online learning has shown to increase retention of information and takes less time; this means that the change in coronavirus might stay forever.So it is the right time for you to go online. And remember that when a day comes you will be the number one courses provider online in India by targeting school students. So here is what you need to know.

In this blog we will discuss about :

  • Why do you need a teaching website?
  • How is your teaching website useful
  • Best way to create a teaching website

( Build , create and collaborate with students globally)

Here is a complete how-to guide for you to start with the online teaching website.

Why do you need a teaching website?


Coronavirus pandemic resulted in the largest online movement of students approximately 62% as per the latest reports . Students are able to learn faster online, elearning requires 40-60% less time to learn than in a traditional classroom setting because

  • Students can learn at their own speed
  • Going back and re reading the concepts
  • Social media marketing
  • Skipping or accelerating through the concepts they choose

Hence online learning can be regarded as the new normal which will provide power to you.The greatest movement of students online demands the need of an online teaching website.

2 How is your teaching website useful?


Now you must be wondering how your website is useful for you.

Here are some good to go tasks for your teaching website:

  • Ecc module explore, create and collaborate with students globally with your website.
  • Extensive library build extensive libraries for your study guides.Students can extract information by the collection of digital libraries.
  • Create crash courses for students that will help you to enhance your profession to a great extent.
  • PLIX makes learning fun for the students by plix mode ie Play,Learn, Interact and eXplore.
  • Online mock test series will enhance traffic on your online website and your offline institute in future.
  • Achievement stories of your past students will ensure that you are maintaining your tradition of excellence
  • Study guides a quick review of the concept with key information

Your students are watching the value you give to them right now and you will surely enhance your online teaching website. This online teaching website will help you to create a global presence and you will emerge as the future of teaching.

3.Best way to create a teaching website


GenieoWeb will help you to create a unique website which is as unique as your profession. Providing you a chance to emerge from LOCAL to GLOBAL. GenieoWeb will be your guider in the new phase of digitization it will take care of

  • Security -The GenieoWeb security guards are well trained to keep your website safe.
  • Performance– this genie ensures that your site us as fast as possible .
  • On page SEO-the seo genies will ensure that your site is SEO optimized .

We want you to offload your web worries and get your team of Genies to improve your business image today!

Conclusion: Till now you must have the answers to all your questions :

  • Why do you need a teaching website?
  • How is your teaching website useful
  • Best way to create a teaching website

When you have theoretical answers to the problems, you must turn them into practical answers and unleash them in the market.

“Don’t wait for the opportunity create it”

See like a pessimist there is an opportunity in this pandemic ,grab it ! Start with your online teaching website today!!

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