Online Shoppers Website the Need of 2020

(Build, expand and sell online)

India is affected by coronavirus pandemic and most people, especially those in urban areas, are now shopping online As per the latest analysis it is claimed that the appetite for online shopping is set to increase by nearly 20% in the next 6 months.

Since physical stores are facing a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic taking your business online might be the only way to survive.

In this blog we will discuss the three basic parameters :

Why do you need to move online?
  • Benefits you can give to your customers by moving online.
  • How will you go online?

So let’s start discussing them one by one :

Why do you need to move online?


In the post COVID world, only 46% of people will be looking to shop at physical stores as compared to 56% before the pandemic hit, according to the report. Online shopping will continue to boom even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Here are some of the advantages you can avail by setting up a shopper website:

  • Break the physical barrier you are open to the world
  • Attract customers globally

The coronavirus pandemic has brought uncertainty in the local stores. The best to regain the trust of people is to go online.

Benefits you can give to your customers by setting up a shoppers website


Here are some of the benefits that you can give to your customers:

  • Click and pick customers can buy your product just by one click
  • Contact less delivery you can offer your customers contact less delivery
  • CCC zone for customers…provide customers with casual .comfy .chill atmosphere to make their pandemic shopping experience easier
  • The learning lab you can startup with the learning techniques of marketing strategies for your customers
  • Shopping guide ebook to provide your customers ease in shopping.
  • Extensive catalogs build extensive catalogs for your customers providing them great options to choose from.

The value you give to your customers will help you to generate leads in both quality and quantity after the pandemic ends.

How will you go online?


GenieoWeb will help you to create a unique website that is as unique as your profession. Providing you a chance to emerge from LOCAL to GLOBAL. GenieoWeb will be your guider in the new phase of digitization it will take care of

  • Security -The GenieoWeb security guards are well trained to keep your website safe.
  • Performance- this genie ensures that your site us as fast as possible.
  • On page SEO-the SEO genies will ensure that your site is SEO optimized.

We want you to offload your web worries and get your team of Genies to improve your business image today!



Till now you must have got the answers to all these questions

  • Why do you need to move online?
  • Benefits you can give to your customers by moving online.
  • How will you go online?

Now it’s your turn to act fast and avail the opportunity.

Start with your shopper website today!

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