Social Media Marketing Strategy for Twitter


Twitter has over 330 million active users worldwide, it is undoubtedly one of the largest social media networks. Many big businesses are already taking the best advantage of this platform for their online marketing strategies. However, many feel reluctant to use Twitter mainly because of its 140-character limit. This has also changed when Twitter made it possible for businesses to post content with a maximum of 280 characters.

In order to have a good social media marketing strategy for Twitter, it is crucial for the businesses to have clear objectives and goals. Twitter is preferred for sharing and receiving news in real-time with an international reach. Twitter is still the best platform for posting smaller and informative content.

Why do you need to go online?


When the pandemic and subsequent lockdown hit Heydey Salon decided to go online. Heyday’s online sales have grown by 724 per cent, with two-thirds of those sales coming from existing in-store clients and the rest from new customers. Isn’t it astonishing how pandemic can be turned to an opportunity to enhance your salon business? Since the business environment is ever-changing and we never know what is coming next, we always need to have a solution mindset now and the need of the hour is to go digital during these tough times.

Let’s us understand the need for Twitter marketing

  • The Magnitude of Twitter: Whenever you think about social media marketing, the first thing that comes to your mind would be Facebook. However, the majority of the people are unaware of the fact that Facebook operates with a very complex algorithm which might restrict the reach of your posts. This might not be the case with Twitter, most of the Twitter users are active as well.
  • Monitor your Business: If you want to monitor everything about the presence and perception of your business, then Twitter is a great place. You will find enough information to understand when people are mentioning your business’ name or Twitter account in their tweets. You can also check who is using the relevant hashtags associated with your business. Twitter is a great source of gathering branding data in real-time.
  • Drive Traffic to your Website:You might not have enough visitors on your website. Twitter popularity can help you attract more traffic to your website. This can be done by sharing a blog post link or a landing page for your campaign. Twitter users would first check your tweet, then visit your site by following the links.
  • Discover Industry Trends: Twitter is also a great place to understand the latest trends about your business. You can either check the trending topics on Twitter or search for keywords related to your businesses to discover the latest trends. You will also be able to see what your competitors are doing.
  • Customer Communication: Twitter is one of the best places to communicate with your customers. You can even respond directly to the customer to resolve their issues. This would be making your business more transparent and accountable to the customers. You can also ask for feedback without spending tons of money in surveys.

What’s the Best Part?


Before you start to post anything on Twitter as a part of your marketing strategy, you might know about the different types of content that you can post on Twitter. It should be better to choose from these options depending on your business profile.

  • Exploring Trending Topics: As a business owner, you can include trending topics in your marketing strategy. This is an effective way to have people join in conversations. You will be able to understand your target market from this.
  • Organize competitions: Competitions are the best way to increase user engagement and shares in Twitter. You will also expect to increase your followers by this approach. Retweet and follow competitions are the most famous types of competitions on Twitter. Using hashtags in competitions is very important.
  • Include Infographics: Netizens love to see visually rich content on the internet. Adding infographics in your twitter marketing campaign could be helpful to engage more people. Just add valuable information in a picture. This could even help you bypass the 280 characters limit because you can express more in an infographic.
  • Use Videos: Since data is cheap these days, people love to watch short videos on social media. The best thing is that videos on Twitter play automatically. It is a very effective way to attract customers and retain the present ones as well. You can also use Twitter’s Periscope platform for starting live videos.
  • GIFs: GIF’s for adding visual aspects to your content on Twitter. They can supplement your content to add more value and impact. GIF’s have smaller size than videos and everyone loves to play GIFs.
  • Quotes: Want to motivate your audience? Add quotes is a great way of giving valuable and easily digestible short content to your audience. This also helps you to create a voice and a personality for your business. People will also start to retweet your tweet if they like your posts with quotes.
  • Tips: If you want to provide some valuable piece of content, then tips & tricks are a great way to do so. You will be able to show that you care about your followers and your business is there to help them. This would build their trust in your brand.
  • User-Generated Content: This not only helps you in the time of a content crisis, but also markets that your business is trusted among the community of followers. The potential customer will get influenced by reading such user generated content. This makes the user feel more involved and gives you more useful customer insights.
  • Twitter Polls: There are so many international brands which have been using Twitter polls in their Twitter marketing strategy. These polls can be effectively used for market or product research and promotion.
  • Quizzes: This needs to be done by creating special quizzes for a target audience. You will be receiving quality results and customer insights from such posts. You can find the results on multiple social media platforms to further promote your strategy.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Behind-the-scenes makes the audience feel that they are also a part of growth. You will be able to build better trust and authenticity among your customers. They are more likely to turn loyal customers once they feel that they are a part of your business.
  • Latest News: You can start providing news that is trustworthy and relevant to your business. By providing such news on your profile, you are able to strengthen the idea of community among your followers. You will be able to engage them for a long time and create business transparency.

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