Social Media Marketing Strategy for Quora


When you want to have a strong online presence, it is crucial to stay ahead in the competition. This means that your business must have increased customer engagement, exposure, and activity on all the major online mediums.

Quora could be a huge minefield for your marketing goals. It is a community-powered question-answer based platform. People consider Quora to be one of the best platforms to build trust/brand value.

Why should you care about marketing with Quora?

  • It lets your customers know about your brand: Quorn involves a huge community that is built upon trust and its members depend upon each other. If you provide quality and informative answers to the community, you automatically build credibility for your brand. You can have the best meaningful conversations with your target audience right away with this platform. However, instead of becoming too much self-advertising, you should focus on delivering quality information to the particular asked questions.
  • It can improve your SEO scores: Google gives good priority to Quora posts if they are interactive and content-rich. This could be a great opportunity to drive organic traffic to your website. By using the right keywords, you can increase the chances of showing up your answers in the top Google results. However, it is super important to make your answers very relevant to the questions.
  • It lets you discover important influencers: influencer marketing has gained massive traction over the last few years. Even the largest international brands are taking advantage of this form of marketing. Quora could be the perfect resource to find influencers for your business. There are so many key contributors to Quora who are known for writing highly useful and informative answers. Their credibility can be used to promote your business.
  • It gives you a channel to market your content: You might have plenty of blogs and content on your website, but you might not be having enough visitors to read them. Quora could be a wonderful place to share your content. You can provide key information about the content and then appeal to people to visit your website. This gives you a great channel to market your content and attract people.
  • It lets you gain insights into your target market: Conducting a market survey could be very expensive. However, Quora is a great resource to let you understand the needs of your target audience. By learning about the questions and their answers, you can learn about your customer persona.
  • Helps you to think about content ideas: It is not always possible to come up with great content. However, Quora is the right active place to discover new ideas for content. By reading the relevant question on this platform, you can have an instant idea about blog posts or website content.
  • Establish yourself as an expert: Quora gives us the opportunity to establish ourselves as an expert. This could be very helpful in building brand value and loyalty. It might take some time to establish this leadership, but it is worth it. You as a business owner can demonstrate that you have extensive knowledge in a special subject.

Here how’s you can have a strong social media marketing strategy for Quora:

  • Quora Ads: As a business owner, you must know the importance of running great ads with a target audience to sell your products or services. However, it is equally important to understand the characteristics of your audience and demographics that you will be targeting. Ads in Quora are very similar to Facebook Ads, but they are much simpler. You will be given the option to choose traffic, conversations, App installs, or awareness as the goal. You can also define your budget and schedule the ads accordingly.
  • Answering Questions: Answering questions with the right language and logic leaves the impression of professionalism. You will be able to build a reputation and credibility in the Quora community. Your brand will start to have more presence on the web. Instead of writing right away, you can strategically write the answers in a word processor to get the perfect answers.
  • Social Media Connect: When you link your Quora account with all of your other social media accounts, it becomes super easy to share your answers and activity on all the online platforms. People will also start to share your answers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Ultimately, your business will have more visibility and potential leads.
  • Sharing Authentic and Original Content: Don’t try to copy content from other sources. Try to share and post content with authenticity and originality. People don’t like to read recycled content on the web. It is better to share your articles, blogs, links, etc right away to let your online presence embraced.
  • Add Pictures: “Pictures speak louder than words!” Adding relevant pictures to your answers could be helpful to engage the users to read the entire answer. It is a known fact that audio-visual content always catches people’s eyes. This can be further improved by including charts, graphs, infographics, or screen captures to your answer.
  • Engage your Audience: Engaging your audience is important. Try to answer all the questions relevant to your business. You can interact and start building connections on Quora. This gives your business better exposure and more shares on the platform without actually paying any money.
  • Analytics: Analytics is the most important aspect of online marketing. It gives you important knowledge about the performance of your campaigns and ads. You want to keep growing, fixing mistakes, and editing to make your perfect Quora marketing strategy.
  • Final Words: Quora is a comparatively new player in the online marketing game. However, it’s superior functionalities with content makes it a prominent tool for marketing. Facebook and Twitter might have established themselves as online marketing giants, but we cannot overlook meaningful platforms like Quora. It could offer a lot for brand-building, selling, and collaborating. You just need to write valuable answers for its users.

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