Marketing Strategy for Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the revolutionary social media platforms that is often neglected by digital marketers. However, Pinterest is a visual search engine that has more than 335 million active users worldwide. This gives you a concise idea about the effectiveness of the platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small retailer, big or small business, Pinterest can become one of the best platforms you can invest in to expect more potential customers for your products or services.

What is Pinterest and who are its users?


Technically speaking, Pinterest is not just a social media platform but is a graphical search engine that people and businesses use for socialization. Let us discuss some interesting about this platform;

  • 70 percent of Pinterest users are female
  • Around 50 percent of Pinterest users are not from the United States
  • 60 percent of Pinterest users have children
  • Every month around 50 percent of millennials pin once
  • 80 percent of Pinterest users are on mobile devices

People mainly use Pinterest to discover new ideas for décor or projects. Consumers are always there browsing through this platform. This makes it an ideal place for businesses.

What about your marketing strategy for Pinterest?

  • Focus on the images: Pinterest is mainly all about images. Thus, it is always important to have your central focus on the quality of the images. Instead of using stock images, try to have original images. This increases the chance of getting your posts re-pined. You can get high-quality images of your products from different angles. Try adding some text and information in the pictures themselves.
  • Pin Frequently: Pinterest users follow boards that are updated quite frequently. You should share new pins quite frequently and try to re-pin your ideas as well. People might treat this platform as a search engine, but they still care about the relevant things according to their interests.
  • Have a business account: Instead of having a personal account, try to have a business account to gain access to rich media in Pins and advanced analytics. Although, you need to be very professional throughout your Pinterest experience.
  • Use rich pins: Using rich pins is a great idea often considered by business users. They give you the capability of adding extra content to the pins. Normal pins usually don’t include such information.
  • Research proper SEO keywords: In order to make your content more discoverable, you need to include optimized SEO keywords. This is the same thing that you would do for your website. Thus, finding relevant keywords to your Pins is a good idea. You should add them to the titles, image file names, and descriptions as well.
  • Use the right appropriate dimensions in your images: Pinterest features images in vertical orientation instead of horizontal ones. Pinterest recommends you use a 2:3 aspect ratio in your Pinterest posts. Sticking to the right dimensions is important to have better reactions on your pins.
  • Bring variation in your content: Variation is important to keep your followers interested in your posts. Users like different-themed boards to feature your products or ideas. Pinterest users don’t usually like promotional posts in their feeds, they want something that can inspire or motivate them.
  • Make a community board: If you want to build a community via your Pinterest account, collaborating on open boards is a good idea. People who manage such open boards usually accept pins from various collaborators. Building a community will help you to gain more followers.
  • Post seasonal content: Develop your content strategy considering the annual events, holidays, festivals, and seasons in your region. Building specific boards will help you to reach a time-sensitive event. When you promote your post in such seasonal pins, it creates a sense of urgency.
  • Include a call to action: You cannot possibly beg your followers to re-pin or comment on your posts. However, this can be effectively done by including CTA in the description of your post. Instead of doing aggressive marketing, focus on improving your effect on your followers.
  • Engage more with your followers: Engaging with followers is important in every social media, Pinterest is no exception. Even though there’s less engagement in this platform, you need to engage with your followers as much as possible. This could be done by responding to the comments and answering questions publicly.
  • Use Business analytics: This step is only possible when you have a business account. By taking advantage of business analytics and tracking you can;
    • Check the most liked pins and boards by your followers
    • Check the content saved by people from your website
    • Understand your audience demographics, like interests, gender, and location
    • See the type of devices used by people to check your content
  • Enhance the feel of your website: Try to have images on your website with a “Pin It” button. They should get this button whenever they hover above the pictures. This could be done by using an additional plugin on your website. In this way, the visitors on your website can pin your content on their Pinterest boards. They are also likely to become your follower straight from your website.
  • Include Pins in your Newsletter: This is one of the best ways of gaining more followers on Pinterest. Start adding the popular pins to your newsletter. You just need to ensure that the links you provide are directing people to the exact pin or account.
  • Prioritize your pins for mobile users: Since we know that the majority of the Pinterest users are using mobile devices, it is crucial that you consider optimizing your pins. Make sure that your pins look on mobile devices. This can be done by ensuring the perfect font size, formatting, etc.
    • Traffic: This type of campaign is used for sending people directly from Pinterest to your website to increase traffic
    • Awareness: This type of campaigns are used for creating brand awareness by familiarizing your business to people
    • Engagement: We use this to encourage Pinterest users to directly interact with your content. This could be done by saving or clicking on your advertised pin
    • Video Awareness: This is very similar to the awareness campaign, but it includes videos for promoting your message instead of pins and images
    • App install: This is a good type of campaign if you have an application and want to get more installs

Final Words


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