Types of Websites: How to Choose one as per the Profession


Building a website according to the business, may sound odd to some people, but yes, that is indeed a thing to note while making a site. Most of the new bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners do not know how to choose a website as per their profession. There are different types of blogs to select as per your business need, and every business has it’s own requirements. If you’re an e-commerce company, you’ll need a different website, and if you’re are a community forum, you’ll need a different one. Here we are going to tell you about 9 types of websites you can choose as per your profession.



An e-commerce website is meant to sell something online. It is a place where people can directly buy anything from groceries to clothes to automobiles. Amazon and eBay are, for example, their website is built differently than the other websites. They have a shopping cart, millions of products, payment options, and other essential elements that make online shopping sustainable. An e-commerce website needs some special features to add like an SSL certificate to make payments secure.

Entertainment and media websites


As the Internet grew, thousands of newspaper readership went down. Now people can read the news, watch movies, and attend a political debate online. The entertainment and media websites educate people about the current news and stories; they entertain them with humor, movie updates, and other content. Unlike the e-commerce website, entertainment and media don’t earn from selling products; they earn from placing the advertisement on their sites.

Business websites


A business website is specifically designed to represent a business, and it’s model. Most of the business websites do not sell anything but get visitors through their online presence. A business website describes the work, offers services, showcases the brand, provides information like contact and address. Nowadays, every big company owns a website, and it is a great way to build a good reputation and tell people who you are and what you do.

Educational website


Educational websites represent the institutes that offer online education. Khan Academy, Unaccedmy, Udemy, and Edx are a few examples of educational websites. Educational websites offer online courses, study material, conduct online exams, and provide consultation.

Brochure websites


A brochure website is mainly focused on building an online presence, but not to sell or earn. Businesses who do not want to rely on online sources to make money, use the Brochure website. Brochure websites are small in size and consist of a few couples of pages that describe the company, provide contact information, and other basic information.

Portfolio website


Not everyone launches a website to make money; some people use it to showcase their talent. A lot of people, generally the artists such as photographers, painters, writers, and designers use a website to show their artwork. Usually, these types of sites are easy to build and don’t have many pages, often contain photographs and designs. Some freelancers also use a portfolio website to get some work. These websites are generally inexpensive and small.

Personal blog/website


Some people like lifestyle bloggers, gym trainers, yoga teachers, travelers, beautician, dietitians, chefs, etc. run their personal blog to connect with people. They write blogs related to their profession. Some do it for fun, while some might want to attract customers. Like a beautician might want to tell about his/her service or the chef might want to tell about his/her restaurant and attract new consumers.

Some professionals, like yoga teachers and gym trainers, conduct online training with subscription charges.

Nonprofit website


Nonprofit organizations use the website to get donations from donors. For NGOs, a website is also a tool to inform people about their initiatives and educate them about different social issues. For NGOs, an SSL certificate is also important to make the donation process secure, and a merchant account for credit card use.

Community forum or wiki


Probably many of you have heard about Wikipedia and wiki how. Wiki is a platform that works as a community where users collaborate in making content or relevant changes. A wiki site must be handled carefully and checked regularly for removing misleading information.

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