How Effective SEO and SEM are for an E-Commerce Business

How Effective SEO and SEM are for an E-Commerce Business?


It is already established that to obtain a good return on investment in marketing,; an e-commerce platform must be constantly visible to its customers. However, with the development and expansion of the online user base, it is critical that online businesses adopt a multichannel approach. This approach will not just create brand awareness but also boost user engagement with the e-commerce platform. SEO and SEM are both used to improve the ranking of your e-commerce website. However, there are substantial differences between them. SEM is a pay-per-click tool, while SEO is an organic tool. With the help of a digital marketing service provider, you can devise a way to use SEO and SEM together to positively impact your business.


Why Use SEO as Well as SEM for an E-Commerce Business?

While many digital marketing service providers may advise e-commerce retailers to go with the paid search, an effective mix of SEO and SEM has had several benefits in the multichannel strategies.

  • No Direct Additional Costs: SEO boosts the search rankings organically and allows you to achieve results over a period of time. While SEM, although it requires cost, also helps you to improve your rankings through competitive keywords.
  • Improve Brand Awareness: Both SEO and SEM make use of techniques that are required to capture the audience’s attention. While paid results make you appear higher on the search rankings, SEO strategies reinforce your message and engage the target audience, who will then click on your paid search results. As your company branding makes waves among the audience, more and more customers will trust your brand.
  • Improved Sales: The purpose of SEO is to increase the visibility of your e-commerce business and project your brand as trustworthy. SEO practices build long-term relationships with the customers who are then going to visit your site through paid ads when they need something. SEO presents your online business as the solution, and SEM converts an informed viewer into a customer.
  • Winning Formula: SEO rules are tweaked periodically. This makes it a bit difficult for the digital marketing service provider to keep your e-commerce business updated with the algorithm of Google and other search engines. This is where scaling SEM will help your business stay ahead in the game through pay-per-click ads. Brand awareness is not sufficient in itself; it must have the potential to improve conversion rates.


SEO and SEM have their similarities as well as, and they have their differences, but when used together in the right proportion, they yield better results for the e-commerce business. There are a number of things to consider before you allocate your resources to either one of them. It depends on how much online brand awareness your business has online and whether it is a new or an old entity.


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