Graphic Design vs Graphic Illustration Which One is Best for Your Website

Graphic Design vs Graphic Illustration: Which One is Best for Your Website?

With improvements in digital technology and its reach, art and designs have also become more accessible. As a result, people often mistake different mediums for one another. Graphic design and illustrations are two different creative fields but often tend to overlap. While graphic design is commercial work, illustrations are perceived as fine art. The difference is visible in website design, where a decision is to be made in the first place itself regarding the visual design.

Difference Between Graphic Design and Illustration

The main difference is that graphic design is a more commercially used art for website design. At the same time, illustrations are a hardcore category of fine art used only for custom web design. An illustration is a visual explanation or interpretation of a text and is generally associated with published media such as magazines, books, video games, films, etc. On the other hand, graphic design is a communication design and is used to project ideas through images, graphic forms, and words. Graphic design is mostly associated with website design.

Which is the Best Option for the UI/UX of a Website?

While graphic design is the most preferred choice for building the UI/UX of a website, it is slowly becoming boring and redundant in terms of catching viewer attention. The use of stock photographs has rendered the visual landscapes of the website saturated with fine-tuned, photoshopped images. A website is the face of a company, and the imagery used on it reflects the company’s core values. People want authentic and engaging visual design while navigating through the website. By replacing stock graphic design with illustrations, you will be able to reflect the values, beliefs, and authenticity of your brand. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should prefer illustrations for your website design:

It is Unique and Offers Custom Web Design:

How many times have you opened a website and bored by the stock images of fake people smiling and shaking hands? One major benefit of illustrations is that it is customised to suit the voice of your brand. An illustration allows you to combine the brand message, its products, and services with its people in a fresh, one-of-a-kind image that reflects your brand differently than others.

It Engages:

A custom web design with illustrations makes the UI/UX more interactive than the random stock images. Illustrated images with motion engage visitors to stay on the website and look intently for your products and services. The use of infographics, maps, and characters would be an added advantage.

Better Focused Messaging:

The right image for your website can help simplify and fine-tune your brand messaging. We offer custom web design where we emphasise good illustrations by using charts, graphs, diagrams, characters, etc. This helps in clarifying what your brand voice is and makes it engaging for your visitors to understand.

Get the Best Website Design By GenieoWeb

At GenieoWeb, we build designs that are customised to your business preferences and help you create a professional web platform. We offer a combination of both graphic designing and illustrations to build a unique visual appeal for your website. We have a team of expert UI/UX designers, graphic designers, and a full-stack web development team dedicated to bring your ideas to life. We offer innovative digital solutions to help you stay ahead in the business.

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