Easiest Way To Start A Website


Planning to build a website from scratch in 2020? Don’t have a clue from where to begin? This blog is about how to start with a website in just a few simple steps.

The most common question from beginners is along the lines “How do I get a website up and running so that I can start marketing my business idea.” It’s a great question and it’s the one that deserves to get attention. These are some Facts from which we are going through the process of getting a website up and running from scratch. This process has been broken down with clear steps and I have tried to keep the things as simple as possible. Everything from a Site Builder, perhaps using website templates to website design and using social media to envelope your business ideas.
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on third-party platforms

Everyone has seen ads for website templates that let you “create a website by pushing a button.” These are typically blogging platforms. Sites like

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Wix etc

Most of the above-mentioned sites provide both paid and free plans according to the complexity of your web design. If you are just messing around and blogging as a hobby- no problem, feel free to use these platforms, but if you are trying to build a business website you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Here are some reasons

  • Not a cost-efficient

First, they will attract you towards their free plan, but then you will realize that you can’t do much with that free plan.

So then you decide to upgrade your plan which isn’t extremely expensive, they aren’t cheap either.
  • Much more restrictive

The moment you will stunt the growth of your website, you will realise as compared to other web designers, you have very limited functionality in terms of design, navigation, file access etc.

  • It’s not that much easier

The website designers which I am going to show you later in this article is much easier and cost-efficient as compared to third party platforms.

  • Your website needs a home(a.k.a web hosting)

The first you need to consider is hosting.

Just think of your website as a collection of web pages/files which can only be opened by you, but when you host your files on a web server, anyone connected on the server through the internet can access those web pages/files. For this, you need to purchase a hosting package from a hosting provider which is not cheap either. There are some few things which you might look up in web hosting.
  • Factor 1- Uptime Reliability

If your website is not having a smooth operation as expected that no one can access your website from any web server. Any good provider has no problem in offering an uptime guarantee.

  • Factor 2- Customer Service

If you made a mistake, your site will likely go down which will require good web server support. Most of the web server support teams have full backups of your websites so that they can restore if worse comes up.

  • Factor 3- Speed

The speedy websites will not only rank better that will also help you in more engagement with customers for your business websites.

  • A Unique Name

The name defines you and your business and can result in a successful business as well. You can search millions of domain names through domain name registrars for your website. A good and related name can attract various viewers on your website.

  • The building, maintaining, marketing your website

A website does need maintenance, social media marketing and much more time to time, all these stuff can create mess leaving less time for you to invest in your business. A solution to this is a Genie which works on your command and handles all these after website development stress all by itself making you more productive towards your business. This Genie is known as GenieoWeb.

GenieoWeb provides you with stunning websites handcrafted specially for your business at as little expense as possible. Its fully managed Tailor-made websites are as unique as your business. Being Global, GenieoWeb is VOCAL FOR LOCAL and ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT. It’s a low-cost high-value deal with 24/7 support, real web experts, content creation at your command. Let GenieoWeb handle all your social media managed services, always ready to roll on new updates. The Web security Genies stands like LIFEGUARDS for your websites, speedy performance, ON page SEO, Redundant Storage. For more Genie facts, log on to https://www.genieoweb.co.uk/

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