Deleting Blog Comments Might Damage Your Search Rankings

Deleting Blog Comments Might Damage Your Search Rankings


Are you confused about whether or not the comments on your blog impact your search rankings? Many site owners, start-up owners and people who are new to using digital marketing techniques have similar doubts. They often want to remove some comments from their blogs due to various reasons. If you have a skilled digital marketing service provider, there are chances that your blog comments are already being protected. And, if not, then here is all that you need to know.

Yes, the comments on your blog are crawled into search engine rankings as per Google’s criteria.

There are slight or sometimes no scope of removing comments without impacting your website’s ranking, ultimately impacting the brand value if you have a small business.

It is completely your call to let the comments stay or eradicate them. There might be some reasons why you might want to delete them. However, the best thing you can do is hire a digital marketing service provider to analyse the situation in practical terms. Because no matter what comments are saying, you will not want to shake your brand awareness for anything.

We will be talking particularly about Google and not about other search engines as it is the most dominant and widely used one at present. If a website is optimised as per Google Analytics, it is always likely to increase brand awareness.

As a website owner, you must know that Google considers comments as a part of the blog’s content. To increase your brand awareness, you will have to do every possible thing that leads to higher search rankings and containing comments is one of them. Sometimes comments are loaded with information that a bunch of users are seeking. In such scenarios, they help the blog in uplifting the search results. On the other hand, some cases may offer no additional information to the readers. Such comments offer little or no value to the content, and you can think about deleting them.

Though Google never merges the comment section with the main content, and this is the reason why digital marketing service providers treat comments differently. The key is to strike a balance in identifying valuable and downgrading comments. Comments are a source through which your readers communicate, exchange thoughts on your product, service or data; this is a medium that can empower brand awareness.

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