Best technologies for SMO

Best technologies for SMO


Social media marketing is no longer a luxury for businesses but a mandate in 2021. The onset of the pandemic saw a sudden spike in social commerce worldwide. Social media was no longer a space to connect with fellow people but became a marketing hot seat for companies. Social media is now aggressively used by companies to promote and even sell their products or services. Influencers have become brands through social media. Hence, social media optimisation must be the topmost priority of every company or brand out there. Our digital marketing service experts have rounded up some of the best technologies for SMO in 2021 and beyond.

Upgrade SMO with Automated Software


Automation is the new buzz. It is everywhere, and digital marketing service is no longer alien to it, from home automation systems to self-driving cars. Automation tools automate the day-to-day social media calendar for the marketers and allow them to focus on core priorities. Automated tools also help marketers optimise their content based on data collected from previous campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality


Advancement in Artificial intelligence has seen a rapid use of predictive data analysis. Companies are using AI and augmented reality to understand customer behaviour and accordingly approach their marketing strategies. Digital marketing service providers are increasingly becoming dependent on such technologies to drive their digital marketing campaigns. In addition, companies can use augmented reality to engage customers uniquely and positively influence their decisions.

Machine Learning and Data Analysis


Machine learning technologies have made it easy for digital marketing service providers to generate and process a massive pile of data easily and effectively. Data obtained at every social media touchpoint can be analysed to create actionable insights. These insights can be used to optimise social media marketing depending upon user behaviour, market trends, and product preferences. Storing and managing user data can also prove beneficial in communicating personalised and timely information about the company and its offerings.

Performance Management Tools


Any marketing effort is useless unless it promotes and tracks growth across several KPIs simultaneously. New-age performance management tools come with advanced SEO features such as keyword rank tracking, keyword research, and content research. Combining that with marketing channel tracking, these tools become a powerful force in social media optimisation. These tools help digital marketing service companies to create marketing plans based on historical data, manage budgets, and track performance. It also automates a number of manual operations that would otherwise keep the person-hours occupied unyieldingly.

Winding Up


Technology is constantly changing, with new and smart tools being implemented across all digital operations from website design and development to digital marketing and sales automation. The growth of social media marketing hinges on implementing new technologies and trends in the industry. From optimising content to social search optimisation, social marketing is necessary to leverage a large audience pool that is active across all social media channels. Using AI and Machine Learning will help digital marketers cut through a heap of unstructured data and draw actions that will boost their ROI.

Customer Oriented Digital Marketing at GenieoWeb


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