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(Online Architecture Portfolio)

The world is becoming more digital than ever before especially in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. The old ways of communication and meetings have gone absolute. Nobody wants to take the risk of transmission by meeting in person. This makes it really hard for architects to attract new clients for new projects.

It is the perfect time to be present online with your architecture portfolio. It has now become very necessary to showcase your skills in the digitized world. You will be able to showcase your skills and experience without actually meeting anyone in person. Being available online can become a major contributor to your career growth.

In this blog, we will provide you a complete roadmap of your architecture website. The main topics that we will discuss are;

  • Why do you need to start an architect website?
  • What are the benefits you can give to your clients?
  • What can you do with your online website?
  • How to start an architect website?

Let’s start discussing all the above-mentioned topics;

Why do you need to start an architect website?


An architect website helps you as an architect to stand out from the crowd. You will be able to build trust and assurance with your clients by having a website. In today’s critical time of Coronavirus, you cannot risk to meet your clients in person and explain your work. Thus, a website can help you out to showcase your architecture portfolio and impress clients.

They just need to visit your website to learn about your experience and expertise. They can also contact you from the website itself to book appointments if necessary. This means you will be able to increase your earnings by boosting your client engagement.

What are the benefits you can give to your clients?

  • Virtual Conversations: You can professionally handle your virtual conversations from your website. This helps you to resolve business queries and requests
  • Online Appointments: You can provide the ability to book online meetings with you if meeting in person is very necessary. This minimizes the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Pictures and Videos: You can add a gallery of pictures and videos to showcase your past projects.

What can you do with your online website?

  • Showcase your portfolio: This is a super thing approach and the whole point of having an architect website. You can showcase your complete architecture portfolio to impress the clients.
  • Online marketing: Online marketing is today’s most effective marketing for attracting new clients. You can be more discoverable with online ad campaigns than any other form of marketing. Google’s directory will list you in its list of businesses and people are very likely to browse this directory. The entire world is moving to the web to find new businesses.
  • Convey your values: Having a website itself gives you better opportunities for expressing yourself. You can give your clients a clear idea of your values and philosophy. They would understand why they should be working with you. You can have a newsletter or a regular blog for this job.

How to start an architect website?


GenieoWeb can help you out to develop a unique handcrafted website for your architect profession. GenieoWeb will be guiding you in this new era of digitalization.

These are some of the incredible features of GenieoWeb:

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  • Web security genies are well trained to keep your website safe
  • Create unlimited pages at your command
  • Management of your web presence so you can fully focus on your business

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Till now you must have got answers to all the topics,

  • Why do you need to start an architect website?
  • What are the benefits you can give to your clients?
  • What can you do with your online website?
  • How to start an architect website?

Now it’s your turn to act wisely and avail this wonderful opportunity

Start with your Architect website today!

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