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(Design your content creatively)

In this blog, we will give you an outlook to Content Creation Tools.

The topics that we are going to have a glance on are:

  1. Image creation tools:
    • Adobe spark
    • Canva
    • Pixlr
  2. Animation tools:
    • Biteable
    • Powtoon
    • Rendr
  3. Video creation tools:
    • Rawshorts
    • Imovie
    • Animaker
  4. Meme creation tools:
    • iMeme
    • Kapwing
    • Memebuddy

Let’s start discussing each domain of the contents in details:

1. Image creation tools


Let’s begin with a list of digital content creation tools with some tools focused on editing and creating images.

  1. Adobe Spark- It is content development software that helps you easily combine the images, texts and video content with ease.
  2. Canva- It is one of the most impressive tools, making it facile to create and editing of customised images for spreading on social media, visualising blog posts, and is a necessary tool for many professionals.
  3. Pixlr- It is an essential and a free content creation tool available in two categories:
    • It is a quick tool for adding great filters for fun.
    • Pixlr Express- It gives access to more image editing tools.

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2. Animation tools

  1. Biteable- It helps you create up to 5 videos in a month and is a free plan. It says It’s the simplest way of creating and designing a video. You can easily select from pre-made templates, styles and create them according to your blueprint.
  2. Powtoon- It guides and helps you bridging the gap between the presentation and the videos making the visual content attractive. It provides you with excellent ways engaging your audience.
  3. Rendr- Though it is a paid tool but it helps you create up to 3 watermarked videos free of cost. Adding content to a site’s templates helps you have engaging videos that can be used anywhere.

3. Video creation tools

  1. Rawshorts- They are a drag and drop video editor who design the content of the video and make it facile to create animated and detailed videos. It has templates for various industries that users can select and customize. It is easy to add media contents and audio to the videos made.
  2. iMovie- If you’re a IOS or MacOS user then this tool is apt for your usage, it is likely to give one of the best free content creation to you and helps in sharing the videos easily.
  3. Animaker- It gives you effects and visualisations of a studio- created animated videos and helps you making multiple videos of different types like whiteboard videos, infographic videos etc.,

4. Meme creation tools

  1. iMeme- Whether they’re pictures or screenshots from any movies or series, it’s hard to imagine the website or online world without memes anymore. Imeme is a digital content developing software that is used for making memes. It includes more than 50 common memes that you can utilise in your own pictures. One has to download a newly created meme and share it manually.
  2. Kapwing- helps in making a simple meme creator that is worth a look that helps in uploading or pasting a link to an image, video or GIF and then viral your meme.
  3. Memebuddy- It is an online meme generator that lets us make a meme via voice by an integration using Google Assistant. You can select the images, translated memes and a lot more without even touching the keyboard which is simply amazing.



We’ve got a brief insight of what are content creation tools and anyhow even if one has the knowledge yet the most important task is implementing them in a right manner and as per the requirement that people lack in. One really needs a team of content developers and website developers in today’s scenario to get target leads for your business and globally have a reach to get new clients and an E-commerce site to sell their work online.

Till now you must have got an idea about all the topics covered:

  1. Image creation tools
  2. Animation tools
  3. Video creation tools
  4. Meme creation tools
  5. Presentation creation tools

Now it’s your seesaw to act sagacious and avail this brilliant opportunity!

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