A Complete Guide To Google My Business


Online searches have risen to a great extent. We no longer ask our neighbors for our recommendations instead we just go to the search engines and seek information about what we want. While creating a website standing alone is not enough.

This is where Google My Business comes into play. Submitting your business information to this platform will allow you to appear on relevant local searches.

This blog will teach you about all the parameters of google my business.

  • What is Google My Business?
  • How to create Google my business account?
  • How to optimize Google My Business account?

So lets get started

1.What is Google My Business?


Google My Business, is an online business directory which is a crucial element for all the local SEO . As per a survey 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information, and that 88% of consumers who search for local businesses on a mobile device end up calling or visiting the business within 24 hours. This makes Google my business an essential tool for all businesses.

This platform allows us to enter detailed information about your business so your chances to appear in local searches increases.

2.How to create a Google My Business


Here is a list of steps that you need to follow:

  • Sign In

Visit the Google My Business homepage to sign in to the platform. If you have a custom email use it here to keep everything under a virtual roof.

  • Add your business name

When you enter your business name, a drop-down list of companies with the same name will automatically open. Here, you’ll be able to see whether your Google business listing has already been created, or add new locations to existing business pages.

  • Select business category

The business category is used by Google to define your target market and enhance your searchability in that niche.

  • Enter your location

If your business serve at a physical location enter your business address. If you don’t have a physical store you can choose for the online delivery options you provide to your customers.

  • Enter a phone number or a website

Enter your website URL so that potential customers can learn more about your business, purchase your products, or book your services. Additionally, you can add your contact number where people can reach out to you.

  • Verify listing

In order to manage your business profile, you need to verify your listing. This is the last step to create google my business account.

3. How to Optimize Your Google business page?


There are four main things you’ll need to take care of to fully optimize your Google business page:

  • Use high-resolution images of your business

Visual coherence can play a great role in attracting users’ attention. In fact, as per the reports it is found that Google My Business listings with photos receive 35% more website clicks and 42% more requests for driving directions to their location.

Google My Business also allows users to upload a cover photo so that visitors can quickly recognize the business. These photos will serve as a cover letter for your business, which is the reason you should only upload high-quality images.

  • Include engaging videos

In addition to photos, you can also upload videos to attract users to attend. Pages can showcase videos of up to 30 seconds with a minimal resolution of 720p. You can use free video editors to modify existing clips of your business to comply with these requirements.

  • Monitor customer reviews

Ask your happy customers to take a few minutes to give you a review on google. You can even select some of them to display as testimonials on your site.

For negative reviews, don’t simply ignore them and hope they go unnoticed. Respond to dissatisfied customers in a professional manner and see what you can do to improve your services.

  • Ensure your website and content is SEO optimized

A strong website is optimized for your customers and search engines both so you need to make sure that:

  • Incorporate relevant keywords
  • Create content with a local focus
  • Look for local linking opportunities
  • Use meta tags



I think till now you must have got a clear answer to all these questions

  • What is Google My Business?
  • How to create Google my business account?
  • How to optimize Google My Business account?

You want to be easy to find when someone in your city is looking for what the products you sell and google is the best to ensure that. Don’t miss the opportunity to take time and start your journey to Google My Business.

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