5 tips to write great product description


Your products are tripping points, your online store looks amazing and your social channels are filled with enthusiastic fans. You should be drowning in orders, but for some reason, sales are not going as you expected. Why? The first thing eCommerce experts will suggest is to check how well your product descriptions are written. As per an e-commerce study, it is found that 20% of the purchase failure is potentially a result of missing or unclear product information.

While for you it may be clear that your products are spectacular, your customers will need some extra persuasion. You need attractive product descriptions to give them that extra push towards making the purchase.

Follow these tips to write powerful product descriptions:

Recognize your shoppers


To write product descriptions that enhance your sales, you need to get a good knowledge of who will be reading them. Not all customers think the same, and your task here is to be able to get into your target market and understand what they want to hear.

Work with questions such as:

  • How old are they?
  • What is their profession?
  • How do they spend their free time?

This first step is about getting to know your shoppers better so you can relate to them in a way that will make them immediately link with your products.

Compliment your product with graphics coherence


Every product must be displayed with great visual coherence. 63% of the customers think that the product image is more important than reviews. Both the graphics and the description are equally important to capture the shoppers’ attention. But you can’t treat them as two separate things. The real magic happens when the image and the text work together, each strengthening the other. For the description, your words need to be in dialogue with the image and to compliment it.

Optimize to improve SEO


Here’s a little secret about your product descriptions: They’re not only useful for making a pitch, but they can also get your online store a better ranking on search engines. You need to find a way to integrate the right keywords into your product descriptions to increase your visibility on search results.

  • Use words that shoppers would actually look for when they are trying to reach your products.
  • Be specific enough so that you’re not competing over search results with very broad search terms.
  • Be subtle: You can’t turn your product description into a clutter of keywords. This is a major turn-off for shoppers and will really damage your credibility with them.

Highlight the value of your products


A successful product description communicates to shoppers exactly how thrilling it will be to own and to use this product. Tell them what they have to gain from clicking the purchase button, but don’t just describe a bunch of features.

  • Emphasize the benefits that make your product outstanding.
  • Use influential words- According to research influential words can actually improve the persuasiveness of your descriptions.
  • Make it short and to the point

Incorporate storytelling


Instead of writing like a salesperson, be a storyteller. Give your shoppers a taste of how this product will enter their life and make it so much better. You want to get your readers’ imaginations going and help them visualize a real-life scenario and how your product fits in it. When it comes to storytelling in your product description, try to answer their questions

  • Who originally made this product?
  • What inspired you to make this product?
  • What was the Journey of making this product?
  • How would this product look at buyers’ everyday life?

In this way, buyers make an emotional connection with your product and will enhance the sales.



Shoppers come to your online store with a task or a goal, and your job is to lead them right to the successful resolution and to answer their needs. If you want your products to make an excellent impression, use your descriptions to make that happen. Just follow these amazing tips to convince your customers and then your sales will definitely increase.

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