5 Innovative Marketing Professionals We Should Know


Marketing is all about revolution and innovation of creative ideas and creating marketing strategies to gain profits. It’s all about smart working and attracting the clients or customers.

In this blog, we will give you information about the 5 innovative marketing professionals who have changed the game plan and strategies. They are:

  1. Derek Moneyberg
  2. Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D
  3. Brett Larkin
  4. Vance Fundora
  5. Farhan Munshi

Let’s start discussing each of them and their strategies in detail:

1. Derek Moneyberg.

Derek Moneyberg is known for being a “rigid love” mentor. He doesn’t sugar coat his words or display them for client’s attention. He believes in setting up his clients for success. He doesn’t play well with the marketing strategies by offering them cheap, soft words instead believe that his clients know it really well that they would get the best and won’t be pampered. He maintains his image as a marketer pretty well and gives them real and actionable advice. He portrays the best marketing strategies and offers results over just ideas.

2. Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D.

valuable perspective to online marketing. She produces intentional content surrounding conscious products, and giving out unique content outputs. She is an influencer who sets out inspirational shows and mindful messages. She states that his success mantra in marketing and media is multidimensional which sets him out of the crowd. She showcases best website content creations and website content strategies.

3. Brett Larkin

Brett Larkin is a famous, award winning YouTube channel creator and also world- renowned entrepreneur and yogi who revolutionised the world of yoga by taking yoga to an online platform. She believes that It’s a strange time not only for yoga but for all industries or business in general. A woman can do anything and with grace if she’s got the right plan and strategies to execute, and she is an example to her brilliant business venture. Her YouTube channel views are up 127 percent, with an increase of 102 percent times every time it’s been watched. She’s a shining star in business and believes that if one has the correct mindset, he or she can have an audience in any virtual space which clearly states that online marketing is really vital these days. If you want to get yourself a kick start by starting your own website online, click here!

4. Vance Fundora

A Writer, a great best-selling author and surely one of the best entrepreneurs, Vance Fundora focuses to offer his marketing expertises to all small businesses and guide them with the latest tips in digital marketing. He believes that many massive businesses and organisations run multi-million- dollar campaigns all the time but the small businesses can’t even afford to test and make mistakes, due to which they have no choice rather than staying far from digital marketing. He wrote a book, “Keeping Up” that’s one of the Amazon best-sellers by which Vance guides emerging entrepreneurs and the existing industrialists helping them in transition of their business digitally.

5. Farhan Munshi

A shining star in the world of innovative marketing strategies,Farhan Munshi owns multiple ecommerce brands, also being the head of MYCOM, he doubles down in the stage of adversity. He didn’t disheartened himself even after the pandemic situations and instead took it as a challenge and somewhere forced him to look at things from an inventive perspective. He suffered a massive production delay in China, and had only what he had in North American warehouses. He limited his ad- expenses and focused on what he could fulfill. He believes in staying really alert and focused about his aims and goals and especially has a no giving up spirit in hard times or challenging alerts that makes him out of the box and that is exactly where we make all the difference.

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