5 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs


Running a business can be a huge factor in boosting a woman’s self-confidence and sense of self-belief. Plus, it could also help her become independent and help her to contribute to her family’s income. However, starting your own business as a woman might sound like moving a mountain especially is a backward society.

There will be a lot of questions when you think about starting your own business. You think that it might not for everyone. However, this is not the case at all. There are so many government programs and online services that can support your idea of a new business. GenieoWeb is a fully managed web designing service that builds your dream website for your new business right from the comfort of your home. Here are 5 business idea for your women entrepreneurs;.



This has been a very profitable business idea in recent years due to parties and functions. Yes, it is a wonderful opportunity to turn your hobby into a full-scale business. Themed cakes are in huge demand these days. There is a minimum initial investment in this business. All you need is a good over, a whisk, etc, which you might already own. With a few regular customers, you can easily sustain this business and plan for expansion.

Beauty Salon


Setting up a beauty salon might need a little training in beauty and aesthetics, but you can learn that from an institute or other saloons. Once you set up your shop and have the required skills, this could be a very profitable business. You have the option of setting up a saloon or visiting your clients. It is a very trendy and popular business. In the wedding seasons, you can expect to earn huge amounts of money with this business.



Tutoring is also a hot business these days especially in the race of competitive exams and good grades. If you are fond of teaching students, then tutoring can be a great business idea for you. You can either start your own class batches from your home or give private tuitions. This is an evergreen field, even in the coronavirus pandemics, tutors are giving only tuition classes. It could be a constant source of income for you.

Party planner


Do you like planning for events? Then, this could be the right idea for your new business. You can help businesses or people to plan and organize their parties. These parties could be about everything including birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, etc. You will just need to coordinate effectively with various vendors and ensure that everything goes smoothly without any mess. This business has great responsibilities, but it doesn’t require any initial investment just the right set of skills.

Designer clothing tailor


This business has been very popular for decades. However, you can make it more unique by tailoring designer clothing. You just need to learn a bit about designing clothes and tailoring them. You can start this business from your home with a sewing machine and expect a good number of clients in a few days. Your first target should be people living in the neighborhood.

Final words


There are countless opportunities for women to start their business. There are even some government schemes specially meant to empower women entrepreneurs. However, you just need the mindset and skills to sustain a new business.

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