10 Things That a Small Business Website Must Have


Launching a website is the first step you take to build your online business, but this isn’t even a quarter to your success. Many start-ups, novice bloggers, and small businesses struggle a lot while building a good online presence and driving traffic to their website. A website is made up of many elements to complete it, and that includes good web design, SEO, user-friendliness, and so forth.

Here we are talking about ten elements your website should have. All these elements will help your small business to build a strong and solid presence in this competitive digital era and make your site stand out of the rest.

The ‘about’ section


A good ‘about us’ section or description of your services should be on the top of your homepage. It must tell the visitor who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you over others. The ‘about’ section must sum-up everything about your business, services, achievements, your total clients, and successful projects. ‘About’ section must give a clear perspective to the users and help them to take further steps. It indeed builds a trust bridge between the company and the consumer.

Your all social media links


Many businesses underestimated the strength of social media and regrated later. Social media has the power to make or break any business. We have seen how few hashtag campaigns brought the ratings of the top companies down in an abrupt. Social media links on the website will give the visitors an indication of your presence on social sites. And if you have a decent audience on social media, the new visitors will be more confident while choosing your service or products. The visitor will, while visiting your social site, get a broader knowledge about your business; they can see the comments, posts, shares, and updates. In short, it will earn your audience trust.

Customers testimonials/reviews


Without a trust or a user review, it becomes hard for any customer to choose a new product. The customer testimonials give new costumers a hint if the product is useful or not. Moreover, if the testimonials are mainly positive, then they’ll send positive vibes to the new users.

Call to action (CTA)


CTAs can be of different types and different use. Use CTAs as per your purpose. Suppose you need people to subscribe to your newsletter, for that you can add a subscription CTA. But, if you’re selling something, you can add a CTA for a discount, new arrival, sale, store clearance, or any special offer. CTAs can drive traffic to the page or service you want, and they are highly effective.

Informative blogs


Sometimes it is a good idea to deliver something for free, and blogs are the best things to do that. You can post some informative blogs on your website, which revolve around your products. While writing the blog, make sure you talk about your services and give a backlink to your pages.

Infographics a videos


Infographics are in trend as they are the best way to educate people while engaging them with designs. Infographics also show a lower bounce rate. To make your website more engaging, you can add short videos about your business. People tend to incline towards visual content than written and show more interest in learning more about the product.

A sleek website design


A good web design looks good to the eyes. Make your website design less messy, but cleaner so that the visitors don’t see any difficulty while exploring the pages. The font of the text shouldn’t be too small and close to each other; the images must not be too big to consume extra space. The colors should be pleasant, and the template should be elegant.

Internal links and outbound links


Internal linking and outbound linking both are one of the most underrated SEO tactics. While internal links help better website navigation and more page views, outbound links build trust and can give you a backlink too. Moreover, backlinks are a great source to add more knowledge to your blogs without writing extra words. Both internal and outbound links are considered useful when it comes to SEO.

A ‘work with us’ section


Most of the small businesses can’t bear the extra cost of hiring new staff. And everyone company knows how time-consuming and expensive it is to get someone aboard. But adding a ‘work with us’ section can make your hiring task easy and inexpensive.

FAQ section


FAQs are the best way to solve your consumer’s queries and doubts. New costumers have tons of queries and questions before they choose a product or service, and to attain new deals, FAQs play a vital role. You can use common questions people ask regarding the same product you have, or you can ask your family and friends about their doubts and structure FAQs accordingly.

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